Best Healer?

35 Human Monk
I am just getting into the game.My husband quit playing and told me i could make a char and try it out.I have watched him play.I knew from watching him that a healing class is what i wanted to play.I don't want to be a dps or anything else,just a straight up pure healing machine.He never seemed to figure out what he wanted to do,one day tank,then a dps,he has pally,hunter,mage and death knight.Seemed pretty confusing to me lol
I decided on this monk mistweaver.I hit 15 in a pretty short time,now i think it said i can start doing dungeons and i got my first talent point.(Undecided where it should go).Where my husband was mostly into solo,i want to be part of a group,not really interested in the solo at all.
So my questions are what makes for a good healer.Should or can i start hitting dungeons right now at 15 so i can completely learn my class.Are there any programs out there that make my healing job easier.Are there any trade secrets,setting up keyboard,macros,interfaces.
I just want to be the best healer i can and am looking for any and all advice i can get.Appreciate any feedback i can get from you vets.Thanks so much
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90 Night Elf Priest
A lot of people are going to tell you there is no "beat healer". And I agree. Find one that you enjoy, because they all play differently. I've only really played a priest and only know a bit about the other classes.

Thinking ahead and being aware of your surroundings are two important things as a healer. As well as knowing what your skills do. A lot of deaths can be prevented simply by being aware and knowing when your teammates are going to take damage (this comes with playing through dungeons and learning what the boss or mobs do).

You can run dungeons as soon as you hit 15. That's when I start running them. It gives you an idea of healing, without too much consequence.

Technically you don't need addons to play, but I think it does make things easier. Must haves in my opinion:

Deadly Boss Mods - It tells you what the boss is doing so you know when to move, be prepared for more healing, etc.

Decursive - This makes it a million times easier to dispel things on your teammates.

Omen, Tauntmaster - these tell you were threat is and who's about to get it. I don't use this much anymore, but it can be helpful if you're about to get agro. M

Recount, Skada - this just tells you DPS, HPS, deaths, other useful information. Not necessary.

A few bits of advice. Don't feel bad if there's a wipe and it's your fault. It happens. Learn from your mistakes. Not all deaths or wipes are your fault. Sometimes other people mess up as well. Don't take things personal when someone complains or yells at you because you messed up or they died. Some people are just rude. You will have good runs and you will have terrible runs. Just keep at it and you will get better.
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90 Night Elf Priest
As for which class is best. Here's kinda how they work and someone will hopefully elaborate.

Priest - has two healing specs disc and holy. Holy is good for AoE healing and bringing up people with low health. Disc is good at preventing damage before it happens. It helps to know the damage patterns. They can also heal by attacking enemies as well.

Druid - They have Heal over Time spells. Which makes them very mobile. They also require knowing damage patterns. I love healing in my raid with a druid, they can be pretty amazing.

Shaman and monk and Paladin - I honesty don't know how their healing works. At least not well enough to describe it.
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35 Human Monk
Guess i wasn't really looking for a "what's the best class" answers.I don't want to be a back and forth,can't make up my mind kind of person.I find the monk class interesting and I went with it. I chose my race/class,now i want to to utilize him in the best way possible manner,that is kind of what i was after.
I'll look at those addons Rhias,thanks.Maybe i can add 1 or 2 at a time until i get comfortable using them.I am afraid if i don't start looking at and using stuff i might need later in the game,i am going to handicap myself by trying to play my class then all of a sudden throw in a bunch of addons all at once,that i am not familiar with.I am trying to start off right so i can enjoy my class and be the best healer i can be.
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90 Night Elf Priest
Haha that makes sense. Sounds like you have the right idea. A lot of people who ask this are FotM. Check the monk forum, they will have a lot of advice specific to monks, all specs. They may have a mistweaver guide, I don't recall. If not noxxic and icy veins also have a ton of good info. They may also have some specific addons to check.

My advice get Decursive first. It'll make life easier. Then get DBM. Those two are the most important. You could also try a healing addon like Grid, Healbot, Vuh'do. But I have never used them. Not saying they are good or bad. I've been trying to learn one, but it does take some learning.

Sadly I can't help much with monks.

Edit: There isn't a guide in the monk forum. So check those other two sites. They can provide some info.
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90 Undead Monk
Set up mouse over macros for all of your healing abilities. It makes life a lot easier and more efficient.

Also, using a Razer Naga is a great thing to do.
I use a Naga and I have many of my healing abilities set up in macros where I can press one button on my naga and depending on which modifier key I use (alt, ctrl, or no mod key), a certain ability will be triggered.
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90 Pandaren Monk
You chose a Monk, and you made the right choice. Our class can heal at range, or we can heal in melee range. The latter of which is loads of fun, and makes leveling incredibly easy.

At max level, you can torpedo around a room, damaging and healing people like M.Bison from Street Fighter, or you can summon a mystical tiger that mauls people while it heals your allies.

Most fun healer I've ever played. Enjoy the ride my friend.
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1 Gnome Warlock
Monk is a fine choice. If you like dungeons, make sure to glyph the ability "roll" when you reach level 25.

Glyph of Roll will make it so that you lose all threat from enemies for 10 seconds whenever you roll, which is great for leveling in dungeons when tanks may be learning and fail to get attackers off of you.

Then glyph "Renewing Mist" at 50. You'll get the ability Renewing Mist at 42.
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90 Draenei Priest
when your getting Deadly boss mods, remember to also get the pack that is for your level range, the basic addon only includes info for 85-90 level dungeons
this might help
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90 Human Priest
go priest. Disc is super strong, especially with mastery. Even if your spirit isn't the best. Do NOT follow ask mr.robot If your gearing, sure those pure spirit gems add up pretty quickly and could be useful. But many healers now are thinking that they need pure spirit as it is the best...since the site tells them that.

But knowing how to manage your mana and having intellect behind it is the important thing.Of course if you aren't going pure spirit, you can weigh in that haste is not the king for disc or holy. Unless if you are attoning a lot. Then you use some pure haste and intellect ones and save haste.

Either way, I learned that weighing 2 extra sanctuary heals is not as powerful as 1 extra heal with double your crit chance. Which priests are awesome since we have serenety to have basic heal keep a renew up and boost our crit chance to about 50% (and prayer of mending is super OP.) PoM heals more than divine hymn over a fight. And usually that used once or twice ends up as top heal.

So it isn't the best class. But utility you bring. Now a druid is nice, as with a shaman or paladin. But I don't know the others and druid... I healed in cata and my advice was to just click pictures of leaves. And your main heal is wild growth really. (well theres more. but it is a rocking spell)

Priests are great because one spec with lots of mastery, you don't need high mana. you just need to know when the convenient one minute spacing of damage occurs on many fights and in a 10 man group, put tanks in seperate groups and max your spirit shell quickly. to save mana, you be in inner will. Same for holy if you use instant casts. With the shields, you take a massive damage spike and negate it all. Saves all healers a lot of mana to get everyone back to full.

Holy, you can use weak heals to be strong, and with mastery, you can heal more over time. A nice thing. Plus spirit of redemption glyphed is the reason we beat the first boss in mogushan faults when it was current. Plus divine hymn paired with lightspring(nobody knows how to click a lightwell anymore and idiots put theirs on top of your actual clickable one. I let people die if they cannot click it when there is no damage happening in lfr) But point is. I give better geared people, who know the fights a lot better than I do, one heck of a run to beat me. Makes em look bad when a pug beats their guild healers.
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100 Pandaren Monk
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100 Tauren Druid
dungeon grinding to 90 is IMO best way to learn healing.
and healing is great, but just know it can be irritating for awhile for starting healers
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90 Troll Druid
I played a Disc priest in cata and i liked it a little bit.... But then i started a resto druid and was hooked! i love the mobility of my class i love everything about the playstyle.
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42 Gnome Priest
Twilight Sparkle is the best healer
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90 Pandaren Monk
Wth Rarity is the greatest healer.
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Wth Rarity is the greatest healer.
But only Fluttershy actually heals.
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I would say Resto Shaman, but then I would be completely lying to you. IF you want a good reliable healer Shaman is at the bottom of the list at the moment.

Ive been thinking about rolling a Mistweaver myself if that says anything.
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