I don't use healbot!

90 Human Priest
Never used it. I use mouseovers and ElvUi
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100 Draenei Shaman
So I used healbot back in Dragon Soul, I now use a newer, faster, better improved version called "vuh doo" which stands for Virtually Undermining Healing Decisions Omission Optimizer

Basically what it does is it logs in and reforges my gear to optimize stats prior to raid.

There is no "clicking involved" it chooses who is lowest on health at the time, how many people, and calculates your current mana as well as the mana of your co-healers, as well as any defensive cooldowns that may be active and then chooses the proper healing skill to use.

Not only that, if a happen to use my a or d key and turn into some fire, it will automatically blink me away from the danger.

On Sunday's it takes my dog Sydney for a light jog.

One time it babysat my kid for me, but I had to make a $20 donation.

I could not live without this add-on, it is the best thing that has happened to my family in years. It enables me to focus on steering my character with my wasd keys the proper way, because obviously it automates the mouse for me as well.

Sometimes, it plays 90's music.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
I use Vuhdo. And I like it
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90 Human Paladin

On Sunday's it takes my dog Sydney for a light jog.

It also led your dog to me, so I could make pot roast with it.

Thanks Vuhdo!
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90 Draenei Shaman
I don't hate healbot at all. I've tried it and think it's a fine addon.

I used Vuhdo for some time and think it's even better. From what I've seen most of the healing community also takes this stance. In general Vuhdo does everything that healbot can do, and more, but presents it in a much easier to understand menu (and I mean MUCH better, vuhdo has the best options menu not only of any raidframes addon, but any addon I've used period).

That being said I've used Grid for over 4 years and absolutely adore it. While I did cheat on grid for a few months to try out Vuhdo, no raid frames I've came across lets me truly customize my frames quite like grid. Sure it's ugly as hell out of the box and the menu layout is garbage, but with modules you can do ANYTHING with it. Add click or mouse-overs and you have the most customizable raid frames out there. This video is old but here's my grid in a 10 man on my shadow priest.

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90 Draenei Shaman
I do not use healbot.

I encourage people to use it.

Reason: they are much easier to kill because they're relying on an addon to heal and lose situational awareness and mobility.

Btw I'm one of those dirty PvP types.

There is a difference between good players and terrible players, regardless of what addon they use.

If it really destroyed situational awareness do you honestly think anyone would use them for raiding?

I'm much easier to kill when no one is peeling stuff off of me, regardless of what I'm in healing. If I've got 4 guys beating me into the dirt in a BG it just depends on their skill if I've got a chance of getting away or not. When I have my team dragging players off of me then I can heal them and keep us up. If I have a team that refuses to work together and everyone goes of by themselves I seriously consider afking by the rezer....

It doesn't surprise me that the OP had zero clue how healing addons work. I've met others recently that will dis anyone using any kind of addons but especially healing ones since apparently they make choices for you. I do use VuhDo and while I can heal using keybindings and selecting the person just fine, it's surprising how slow the latter feels now.
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85 Gnome Priest
I don't use healbot and I am against it.

1) Do you use healbot?
2) Are you against it?

1) no
2) no

Anything else?
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90 Night Elf Druid
I could only assume that your defense of healbot in pvp was because the other guy said people who use healbot in pvp are bad, to which you contested him. Maybe assuming made an !@# out of me.

I maintain that no one in high pvp uses healbot or similar addons. They just don't.

I made the last comment because I didn't want to come off as an elitist.

While I would agree to this about arenas I don't see it being right for rated bg's for reasons you've already stated. Then again I don't pvp.

In a raid having 10 targeting macros would obviously be retarded so people use addons...
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90 Night Elf Druid
Me and my fellow Old School healing partner have been using HealBot since BC. I will admit that that addon has a little learning curve since there's so much that you can customize.

But as usual everyone is going to think that their method of healing is better... and it is!...for them..
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90 Troll Druid
I used to use healbot......Then i tried VuhDo and never looked back!
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