Druid, priest or shammy? (returning player)

89 Goblin Priest
Havent played wow in a while, just got back, looking to get back into raiding/healing again just want to know what each of the healers 'niche' is

-disc priest



if someone can fill it out for each of the healers named above, that would be greatly appreciated :)
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96 Pandaren Shaman
Priest hands down.

EDIT: Shaman niche, stacked/burst healing (above average)
Druid niche, spread/movement healing + burst (above average)
Priest niche, holy and disc are different, holy i don't have any experience with, disc is just OP right now, effective at everything except burst healing. Either way, more options related to gameplay if you choose priest since you'll have two choices.
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90 Dwarf Shaman
I'd go resto druid. They are ridiculously good right now and their playstyle is fun. Not to mention Disc Priests are basically issued to every raid group now, so getting a raid spot might be tough since two discs in a raid seems a little counterproductive.
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89 Goblin Priest
hm... ok, so out of the 3 guys, which has the most effective AOE healing atm?

out of druid, priest(holy priest) and shammy thats is
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96 Pandaren Shaman
I'd go resto druid. They are ridiculously good right now and their playstyle is fun. Not to mention Disc Priests are basically issued to every raid group now, so getting a raid spot might be tough since two discs in a raid seems a little counterproductive.

He makes a good point that so many raids have disc priests already, you might have trouble getting a spot as disc. AoE healing as in spread AoE or stacked AoE? Spread or stacked AoE i think you'd be happy as a resto druid, i don't know much about HPriests.
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89 Goblin Priest
spread aoe healing is what i was asking of
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90 Gnome Monk
Spread aoe is monk's specialty, druid is a close second. However, druids are also really good in stacked healing if the player knows how to use the mushrooms and tranq cd properly.

Not sure if you plan to pvp at all, but I'd like to add that all 3 have very viable specs for pvp. Shadow and disc are the two best specs for pvp in current tier, as is feral/resto druid and enh/resto shammy.

Overall, Disc offers the highest amount of flexibility in terms of overall contributions to a raid. Disc can do 50-60k dps while pumping out 60-80k hps (if you throw out shields and spirit shells to go with the atonement healing). However, in 5.4 it seems resto druids will also be getting an atonement mechanic through a talent.
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1 Night Elf Priest
X-Rdruid. I mained resto a druid until i started playing my monk.
X-Rdruid has alot of good defensive cds in comparison to the other healing classes.
X-Playable by Nelfs so you get shadowmeld =)
X-Symbioses gives you decent abilities depending on the class you symbiosis with. Personally I always symbiosis a DK, you get icebound fortitude which adds another defensive CD to your collection.
X-Tree form ! and burning tree form with a camp fire !
X-Mushrooms save lives!
X-Always beneficial to change form to bear + might of ursoc = another defensive cooldown!
X-The treants talent = win, especially for visual excitement.
X-I find AOE healing WAY more easy on my Rdruid than my monk, especially when moving. Wildgrowth and rejuv are instant casts, I cast them while moving. I can cast them on anyone and blanket a raid with rejuv in seconds, on my monk its not so easy.
X-Lifebloom + glyphed to be able to swap it without losing stacks = tank win. Im constantly swapping lifebloom on different targets, especially between tanks.
X-Rdruid takes time to master as there are lots of hots and different ways to utilize them.
But the raid wide CD's are simple and are very effective-> Mushrooms and Tranquility are very effective.

X-Monk is probably the funnest healing class I've played, with more mobility that I can ask for. Some fights im all over the place, and i can't help but laugh cause im watching people move when all im doing is chi torpedoing all over the place and using trascendance.
X-I like being an effective healer, and partially being a decent DPS at the same time. Monk is my "retiree" class. I've always healed since I've played wow, and monk allows me to experience a dps role while doing what i do best, which is healing.
X-Revival = save raid CD.
X- Very effective tank healer when one is efficient when utilizing mana tea.
X- Fistweaving ( Dps Healing) is very unique, and for a monk, quite fun in comparison to a Disc priest. Disc priests are effective but their dps healing is not nearly as fun as a monks imo.
X- Two different healing styles = never get bored of the class. Atleast I've yet to consider playing my Rdruid again.
X- Very effective in PVP, as I've heared.
X- Decent AOE healers when mastered.
X- Statue is a fun mechanic to utilize, spices up playstyle.
X- Shaman I dislike very much this expansion.
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90 Pandaren Monk
You can't go wrong with Monk or RDruid for spread healing purposes. Both are quite good at it. Their nuances also make them have quite different playstyle options, so you might want to mess around a bit to see what you like best.

For example, MW Monk uses several short range and melee abilities while leveling, and even has some situational opportunities to use them in the raid. Also, for raid purposes they are also tagged as melee, so many boss abilities will not target them specifically while they are standing with the other ranged. They have a lot of mechanics to learn, and while you don't have to take advantage of all of them most of the time, you are usually well rewarded for doing so (and punished pretty harshly if you mess up). A good MW is really, really popular with PuGs and recruiters alike.

RDruids are actually going through some serious changes on the PTR right now, so it's difficult to say exactly how they will look in 5.4, but their sustained AoE healing is less bursty, but more controllable that a Monk. They also have some potent stacked healing options with Mushrooms and Efflo (although that's one thing changing a lot on the PTR so stay tuned there). RDruid also has a spec that shares a decent amount of gear itemization (Boomkin) for an off spec if that's your thing. I played my Druid a lot before MoP and it's the only alt I have bothered to max so far. Still lots of fun.
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OP for what you want I would recommend a Resto Druid. They do well now and are getting some nice tools in 5.4. They are good for both stacked and spread healing situations and their tank healing is quite good as well.

Your other two preferred specs are Holy Priest and Resto Shaman. For Holy many raids prefer their Priests to know both roles and Disc is stronger for many encounters right now. Also, as Luvbacon has pointed out because Disc is in such a good spot right now many raids tend to already have one (and commonly 10ms tend to only run with a single Disc priest).

Resto Shaman is a spec I wouldn't recommend for this expansion. Their niche is stacked healing which isn't that prevalent in ToT and appears will be seen even less so in SoO. It also seems like they won't be receiving any spread healing buffs.

If you are planning on leveling from scratch I will also throw a vote in for Mistweaver (or better yet, use the PTR as an opportunity to test out max level healing specs and see what you like).
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89 Goblin Priest
hm... so from what it seems, monk and rdruid seem close...what about holy priests, where do they stand in comparison to these two in terms of spread aoe healing?
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It's not that Holy Priests are bad, it's just that Disc overshadows them. Absorbs are very, very strong this expansion and Spirit Shell (Disc spell) allows you to shield the entire raid quite easily on a one minute cooldown.

Holy's mana regen mechanics are a bit weaker comparative to other healers thus making Spirit stacking more important to them. Their Mastery is great after that (I believe after a certain Mastery threshold you can start to ignore things like Renew breakpoints but I'm not entirely sure).

Holy can burst out a lot of AoE spread healing fast with Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing, Prayer of Mending (especially with Divine Insight), etc. and Divine Hymn is still a great raid cooldown. That said, I believe that Monk and Druid sustained spread AoE healing is better than Holy's.
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