Getting to Northrend?

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I know I'm level 80, so I should probably know this, but I used the Scroll of Res, which is why I don't. Apparently, the instructions whenever you Google it are out of date or something. Whenever I tried to take the boat out of Stormwind, the ship got attacked by the Kraken from POTC. There's apparently no mage online atm, so I can't portal there. The ship that used to go from Menethil Harbor has apparently stopped working, since I've been waiting and it hasn't showed up.

Is that scene where you get attacked by the Kraken part of a quest chain I'm going to have to do in order to get there without a portal? I can apparently get anywhere in the game, including Outland, except Northrend, apparently.

Does Dalaran still have portals to all the faction capitals? That's why I want to get there, so I can hearth back and not have to use boats and trams and crap to get around.
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A couple of things:

You are level 80 so you're beyond Northrend anyway. Dalaran no longer has portals to all the faction capitols, just Stormwind and Orgrimmar. For Cataclysm content (80-85) the faction capitols are once again the main hubs of activity. That's where all the portals to the Cataclysm zones are located.

The reason why the Northrend boat is getting attacked by the kracken is because you are at some point along the quest chain to open up Vash'jir. That boat serves double duty: Taking players to Northrend and start of the quest chain for Vash'jir. Once you get through the opening of Vash'Jir quest line, you'll be able to use the same boat to go to Northrend. Until then, you have to finish that intro chain first.

Once you out-level Cataclsym and get punted to Pandaria, you'll still need Stormwind/Orgrimmar as your main base, at least until you get to 90 and open up the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. That area has 2 mini cities, one for each faction AND portals to all the racial capitols as well as portals directly to Dalaran and Shatterath.
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If you want to take the boat to Northrend, you will first have to abandon the Call of Duty quest that you have in your log. That quest is what begins your journey through Vashj'ir. While you have it, Stormwind Harbour will be phased so that only the mercenary warship docks. Once you drop it, the regular boat to Borean Tundra will begin stopping at the same dock.

The ship that heads from Menethil should still work. You may have to wait a few minutes, depending on where it is along its route, but it's still there. Just make sure you're at the northernmost dock.

Finally, if you'd like, you can ask a friendly Mage to make you a portal to Dalaran. You'll usually get a quick response if you ask in Trade chat. Just make sure to provide a tip.

Since Cataclysm, most of the portals were removed from Dalaran except for the one to Stormwind. The only place right now that has a portal to every city is the Shrine of Seven Stars in Pandaria.
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Dalaran now only has a portal to Stormwind, they took out the rest of the portals during Cata. The only places with portals to all faction capitals are the Horde/Alliance Shrines on Pandaria.

If you ship is getting attacked by a Kraken on the way, you are actually on the ship to Vashj'ir, not the Borean Tundra. While you are on the breadcrumb quests to start Vashj'ir, Stormwind Harbor is phased and where the boat to the Borean Tundra usually is, is the boat to Vashj'ir, which gets attacked by a kraken as part of the storyline.

If you'd like to take that boat to Borean Tundra, you'll have to drop the Vashj'ir quest you are on, likely To the Depths or Call of Duty. Otherwise, you can head to Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands and take the boat to Howling Fjord instead.
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If you want to set your hearth in a hub city like Dal used to be, just ask a mage for a port to the Shrine. You'll still want to pick up the quest to access the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, which becomes available at 87 and sends you to the Temple of the White Tiger, but for now it'll have everything you need except AH access (the NPC currently only works for Engineers, that'll probably change with the next expansion).
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Dalaran now only has a portal to Stormwind

..and CoT. (If you need to get to Kalimdor)
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Thanks for the advice. Though, since it no longer has portals to everywhere, I guess I don't need to get there anymore.
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This information was totally confusing. If you want to get to Northrend, Wintergrasp, or Borean Tundra: Go to the zeplin in Orgimmar in West Tower. I was in Area 52 and had to return to Orgimmar. then searched all modes of transportation until I found the Zep. to Borean. Hope this helps future lost travelers from wasting two hours. Furystar
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Since both you, the OP, and all but two (now three) people posting in this thread are doing so as alliance, I fully encourage you to use the Org zep every time you try to get to Northrend.
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07/20/2013 03:55 PMPosted by Steppinwolf
This information was totally confusing.

It was only confusing because the alliance ship in Stormwind that goes to Borean Tundra was phased out for the OP and instead was the ship that gets attacked by the Kracken on it's way to Vash'jir, and that only happens when you're on the intro quest chain for Vash'jir.

Otherwise to get to northrend (as alliance):
Boat in Stormwind harbor at the northern most dock = Borean Tundra
Boat in Menethil Harbor at the northern most dock (Wetlands zone) = Howling Fijord.

Steppinwolf - The info you gave would have meant certain death if any alliance character attempted it since that's how the HORDE gets to Borean Tundra. The horde Zeppelin to Howling Fijord leaves out of Brill (Forsaken town in Tirisfal Glades).
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Since both you, the OP, and all but two (now three) people posting in this thread are doing so as alliance, I fully encourage you to use the Org zep every time you try to get to Northrend.

I tried riding it back from northrend once. I didn't make it...
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