1 Human Priest
I wanted to be a healer but i'm not sure if i want to but can you guys give me some info on healing and is it fun and what class to be for healing and race thanks.
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I suggest reading the sticky http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4015354204 it explains each class and it's benefits/weaknesses.

Healing is fun, but it's not for everyone. If you want to give it a go then try it, create a toon that interests you and level it a little. Race all depends on which faction you want to play, what's available to the class you're interested in, and what benefits they get.

I recommend a priest as a first healer, they have two specs to choose from (one is disc which relies on absorption healing and dpsing to heal and holy which can do single and aoe healing and have a large tool kit). A priest was the second healer I really tried after my druid :)
1 Human Priest
Okay thanks i'm gonna make a priest but what race should i do with the priest.
90 Night Elf Druid
Any race except Orc can be a priest, so pick any non-Orc race that appeals to your sense of aesthetics. Racials don't have that big of an impact on healing game play. You are posting on a Human priest, so start with that, you can always race change later if you really want to play a different race.
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Priest because biased.
90 Blood Elf Hunter
Holy priest is a great healing spec, with a lot of healing abilities and useful damage spells incase you are in a pinch, it's great. Discipline is a little more focused on damage than healing, but works well also. I don't recommend druid or paladin, they are rarely good at healing, and shaman and monk take a bit of practice and healing experience, so priest is a great spec for first-time healers.

Low level (15 - 25) is very easy, you really have like 2 healing abilities if your a priest, and everything is nice and slow, and most groups do ok. Levels 25 - 35 is when the pace quickens up, and when your level 30+, you have more heals to chose from, but those are the levels that running out of mana starts, but it is rarely a big issue. You also have dumb tanks and bad groups (at level 15 it's pretty hard to be really bad, but at level 30 it isn't the biggest challenge), What you should do is go with the group that is right, and if you don't know, just go with the majority. It's okay to forgo constantly following the tank and help a group that knows what it's doing. After this point it's best to listen to tutorials and learn from experience, as the low level healing simply carves out a nook for your own healing style.

If your called a bad healer, try to ignore and do your best. If a group wipes, it isn't always your fault, even if everyone else thinks so. You'll learn!

Sorry for posting late.
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