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90 Blood Elf Priest
Can anyone please tell me how I can display a big warning if I am missing a particular buff? I'm pretty sure I went through our Durumu kill (just about 10 min ago) without Inner Fire on.
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90 Troll Druid
1: Type /ntk to bring up the config.

2: Right-click on one bar and select Choose buff/debuff to time.

3: Type in Inner Fire. Hit accept.

4: Right-click on the bar again and select Bar Type and select Buff.

5: Right-click bar and select Buff Settings->Unit to Monitor-> - PLAYER

6: Right-click on the bar again and select Blink Settings. Choose

a Enable for this bar
b Bar color - RED
c **Blink only for bosses

7: Right-click the bar and select Bar Color (click the little colored square). Set your color preference for when Inner Fire is active.

8: Drag the little bottom hand corner arrow and drag and set for size by dragging the corner. Left-mouse the bar to drag it to your preferred location.

9: Type /ntk to close config.

**Note: If you want it to always show the red warning blinking when Inner Fire is not active (while not in a Boss fight) simply repeat step 6:C and choose Blink out of Combat. This will basically always blink RED when you don't have it on at all times.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
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90 Human Priest
If you are using a healer addon like Vuhdo or Healbot it can automatically check and cast buffs and auto-cast if selected.

If you use an addon like RaidBuffStatus then you can get it to check your raid members and your own missing buffs. It will tell you which others buffs you are missing and let you know who can cast it.
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