Priest Hymn Glyph Request:

90 Pandaren Priest
Technically we are in terms of Raid Cooldown (Resto druids also suffer but can at least use SGrace if they want)

Disc Priests throw their Barrier on the stack point.

And when the stack point is covered in fire...

Pallies raid cd radiates around them, allowing them to move and give the damage reduction unlike Disc.

Doesn't work at all on non-magic damage. Like Horridon and...nearly the entirety of Heart of FEar?

Shamans place their SLT and soon to be HTT on the stack point.

HTT aside, SLT is a crappy spell to place. It also suffers from the, "BUT WE HAD TO MOVE" problem.

MW monks don't have to worry about it because their raid cd is instant cast.

But they can't buffer extended damage over time.

What exactly would be the problem of allowing a Holy Priest's main and only raid cd of actually doing it's job....just like every other raid cooldown...At least the only thing that can go wrong with the above cds is you place them in the wrong spot or the stack point needs to immediately move out of the way.

Every other CD has drawbacks. Every other CD has situations where it just doesn't work right. Hey, you know what? When you can't use Barrier (spread), SLT (spread), or Spirit Shell (wide spread), you can still use Divine Hymn! And when you CAN use Barrier (stack), SLT (stack), and Spirit Shell (loose spread/stack), you can STILL use Divine Hymn and it works JUST AS WELL as if you were spread out.

Crazy, huh?

These are the kind of topics where it seems you're arguing just for the sake of arguing.

I'm not. I genuinely like the give-and-take of DH and HoH. If they were any ridiculously better than they already are, they would be nerfed. I do not want them nerfed.
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90 Troll Priest
Senari you are bad. Plain and simple.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Senari you are bad. Plain and simple.

This is not helpful. *bonks*
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90 Troll Druid
The only fights in t15 you can't really get a full DH off if you plan properly are Jin'rokh, Tortos, and Dark Animus (and even those, you can usually get 3/4 of it off even in worst-RNG scenarios).

I don't really see a problem with DH the way it is right now. If raid design was such that there were tons of mobility fights with large amounts of concurrent damage, then there might be a case for adding a glyph.
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