Most relaxing and enjoyable Healer in PvP?

6 Human Warrior
I want to know what is the most relaxing and enjoyable healer in pvp because i wanna level a healer to 90.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Nothing in pvp is really relaxing, especially as a healer :p

As for enjoyable, it depends on what you yourself think you'd enjoy. Druids and monks are very mobile healers which helps when you get into tight spots and get focused, monks also have a leveling buff start at 20 I think which makes it faster to level. Monks also have the orbs they can drop without a CD which is really handy when getting focused.

I find disc priests to be rather tanky (monks also are too) and their absorbs are pretty nice, especially in pvp :) Not as mobile as the other two. But they're a lot of fun at lower levels. Shaman I haven't really played in pvp much, I have one at 80 but she was leveled through RAF but from what I have seen they seem to do well in pvp. So someone who has pvped on one can probably comment more :P Paladins I haven't played past 85, but they're also tanky and have a bubble which is nice to use to piss dps off >D

Again, it just depends on what appeals to you. I am partial to druids because they're mobile, have HoTs, break roots, and have some really nice CC. I also recently started pvping on my disc priest as well and enjoy it just as much :D
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90 Pandaren Shaman
The one that's smart enough to que up with a competent deeps.

Serious answer

Disc Priest
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