Lfr as Holy Priest Healing question.

100 Human Priest
I run always in Holy Priest but always according to my recount am below the 3rd in heals but 2nd to 1st in over heals. So I am wondering if I am doing something wrong many times I am as low as 7th in heals. Dispite the fact I am spamming Prayer of Healing every time I even see a bar in need of heals. [I use Quickheals2 addon] I also toss the Holy Sanctuary as often as I can under the area the tank is. I try to stay close to the melee area so I can keep in range. I do run Oom some times and have to wait a bit to get back in to heal. I toss a few flash heals if I find the need but try to use it sparingly.

Some did ask me if I ever went Disc priest but I not done that since level 30.

Is Holy Priest under powered ? slow?

my rotation usually is hit the tank with renew and prayer of mending then start to spam Prayer healing according to amount of damages coming in the raid. watch the quick heal bars if one is rising to fast hit it with a flash heal. I really dont have time to see who is standing in stuff other than the damages coming in on them fast. And move out of stuff that the GTFO addon blares at me about.
I also run the Deadly boss mod add on to help with knowing what is happening.

I enchant, reforge and gem according to AskMrRobot. Have done my best to read and understand the posts at icyveins.

I do want to improve as I would like to start doing normal raids in the near future.
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90 Human Priest
You can't really judge Holy very well by its performance in LFR, as it relies on heavy damage going out in order to excel... which there is next to none of in LFR. Some suggestions though:

-Don't use Holy Word: Sanctuary. Ever. It's a giant mana hog and doesn't heal for nearly enough to justify it. That should alleviate a lot of your mana issues.

-Make sure you're abusing your Mindbender. Use it right when you hit about 80-ish percent mana and then every cooldown afterwards. If you get really low, make sure you save Hymn of Hope until Mindbender is available so that you can use them together. The extra max mana from Hymn increases the mana you gain from Mindbender's hits.

-Avoid Flash Heal unless it's super necessary. (IE someone is in extreme danger of dying)

-You're way above our haste cap. Try to aim for 4721 Haste rating and then pour the rest of it into Mastery. You also have really high Spirit for only doing LFR. If the mana saving tips from above ^^^ help out with your oom issues, I'd suggest dropping some spirit in favor of mastery too.

-Sniping is the name of the game in LFR. Try to memorize damage patterns and start casting PoHs right before a large AoE hits so that you're the first one to get your heal off after the damage goes out. Use Divine Hymn on early heavy AoE phases so that it's available again for late ones.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Woah alliance on hyjal! :D

Anyways, first off I'll start by saying that you will have a lot of overhealing in lfr, it's the nature of the beast. There is just not enough damage going out ususally, and what is happening is largely being absorbed by disc priests and holy pallies. That being said there are always areas that we can improve in!

First off, you have a lot of haste for your gear level. Depending on how much mileage you get out of renew and lightspring, I would recommend going for haste to 4721 and then straight mastery after that.

Avoid using holy word sanc. It doesn't heal for enough to be worth the mana to cast it.

Use and abuse divine insight, and be smart about who you cast it on. Try not to cast another PoH if you have a DI proc. That will save you a significant amount of mana.

Do you have a cluster finder on your raid frames? This will significantly improve your targeting for PoH, and reduce your overhealing at the same time.
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100 Human Priest
went and reforged and regemmed to bring haste down to what suggested. AskMrRobot set me to reforge more for crit so I might not be exact yet. ran a raid and did seem at least to be setting a bit more on the healing side of the line. Still have a bit more to set up in keybinds and such to make it more flowing instead of a panic mode heals.

Do you have a cluster finder on your raid frames? This will significantly improve your targeting for PoH, and reduce your overhealing at the same time.

no dont have one of that type. but will try to find one. any suggestions on what to look for?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Vuhdoh has a neat cluster finder option. I love it for Holy Radiance.
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100 Tauren Druid

Is Holy Priest under powered ? slow?


A good holy priest will embarrass a good disc priest any day, all day. (excluding gimmick fights such as horridon)

Infact, I might go as far to say a good holy priest will embarrass any class of healer; Skill being equal.

Takes time to learn and master your craft. The problem is 99% of priests just faceroll the numbingly easy disc
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