Hard time choosing between Ret or Warrior

100 Blood Elf Paladin
Idk, I like both of the classes, it's just I've had my Pally since day 1, he sort of has that sentimental value to him, also they %!@%*!%* face in PvP if they're geared. BUT, there's so many! They're seriously a dime a dozen. On the other hand, I know my Warrior in and out, while in WoTLK all I could think about was being an Orc Warrior. I've had three Warriors and I love the class, but they're pretty garbage in PvP compared to many other class, most classes can just steamroll me (everything but Rogues and Monks). Just hard to choose inbetween them.
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90 Human Paladin
But being a good Paladin really separates you from the rest. Stick with Paladin
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I have both. Though as you can see, my pally is fresh 90. Whereas my warrior is up there.

Warriors are fun IF you like straightforward smashing.
Don't get we wrong, I adore my warrior, but I have found ret to be fun and interesting.
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100 Tauren Paladin
But being a good Paladin really separates you from the rest. Stick with Paladin

You could argue this is true with any and all specs and classes.

To answer your question you should play whichever you enjoy more, if you like being more viable/powerful for PvP or PvE or w/e then play whichever is better for that. If you like ones play style better then play it! You could also play them both! (assuming you have the time)

You shouldn't let someone else prevent you from playing what you want to play.
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