Which healing path?

78 Human Warlock

I have just recently decided to roll a healer :D

which path should i go? I have her at lvl 5
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90 Human Priest
this is my main and I think holy priest is fun to play. I have healed with a druid before too but not at higher levels. I do like the tree form a lot though. so priest and druid were ok for me.
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90 Tauren Druid
what class are you?
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63 Pandaren Priest
Must be a priest I think, otherwise there would be only one healing spec to choose.

Personally I am enjoying holy, but there are also some people who really like disc. At 30 you can try them both, if you don't want a shadow spec for soloing (both priest heal specs can actually nuke for decent damage, at least by low level standards, so you don't really *need* shadow anyway).
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99 Troll Shaman
Assuming you're talking Priest class, as it is the only one with a choice of healing spec.

To be very basic, they both share some of the same abilities and are both perfectly viable choices.

Holy, as I understand it, it more about healing a lot of players at once (AoE-Area of Effect Heals) and they seem to have the potential to do a lot of burst healing in that sense, so I would say they can put out more total healing during a time of big raid damage (which happens on every boss fight) than other healers, assuming neither healer uses a healing Cooldown.

Discipline relies more on absorption shields than any other healer, so they will prevent the damage from happening in the first place, and then heal what damage does get through, though they are less efficient at doing real healing for their Absorption prowess (to make things fair).

Discipline seems quite a bit better at single-target or tank healing than Holy, though they can also heal the Raid fine.

Holy may have the psychological advantage of actually allowing you to see your heals increase players' health bars, while many players choose Discipline simply because it often produces more Healing Done or Healing Per Second in Recount or Healing Meters, though the only healing statistic you really need to look at is Deaths, and figure out what went wrong from there.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Assuming you are talking about a priest, Discipline is an excellent way to level.

You can heal and deal damage simultaneously with Atonement, and its powerful absorbs are great for keeping groups alive in sticky situations.
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93 Undead Priest
I have 4 holy priests....enough said lol.
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