Was it my fault

90 Draenei Monk
They were almost certainly not using Blackout Kick and were using the fire breath instead.

They need to use Blackout Kick or they'll basically fall over.

It was probably not your fault.

There's no point to use BoK until 32 iirc. Monks don't get their passive that lets them stagger more damage until then.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Monks are my least favorite tanks to deal with but not because of their squishiness (I really don't find them to be terribly squishy) per' se. A good monk tank can make the dungeon boring for me, bad ones make me pull my hair out. all that aside, I hate them because they roll off all the time without regard to where I am and complain if they get even a little low on health. I have very short legs you know!

I suppose the other classes have movement enhancers as well but I find it difficult to keep up with monks. My latest frustration (This is my first healer) is being in a group of DK's. It seems like, @ 60, they all want to tank.

On topic: It's hard to assess blame in situations like this. There are so many factors that change the dynamics of any run, regardless of class, so its difficult to outright say "Yes it was his fault" or "No, you did fine". If it continues happening then I think you'll have your answer really.
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100 Draenei Priest

Neither had heirlooms, so I suspect this may have had something to do with it. but my PW S wouldn't be halfway done ticking before the tank resumed taking large damage spikes.

I'm a bit confused when you say ticking. Are you saying the shield lasted through half of the uptime (about 7 seconds) or it wasn't even a global cooldown before the tank started taking damage again?

It definitely sounds like the tank was taking more damage than some will. Sometimes there's nothing you can do. One of the reasons I run a meter like recount is to see what actually happened when someone dies. If the tank went from 90%+ health to 0 in less than 2-3 seconds, it really wasn't your fault. Or if it's a situation where you're giving your all with flash heal and tank still keeled over. . .that's all on the tank.

However, if it took longer than that for the tank to die without a heal from you then I'd examine if there's anything more you could do next time.
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90 Worgen Druid
I don't think it's you am lvl'n a disc priest atm lvl 70 started healing at lvl 15 and I'm sry to say but I have had 5 monk tanks so far an idk what the problem has been but outta every run I've never had a wipe I have full on BoA's and all 5 monk tanks I have wiped with in different lvl brackets including 10 mins ago I gave it every thing I had and I am a vanilla vet have lvl'd heals tanks an many dps and idc what others say even the DK's weren't this squishy I'm sorry but imo unless you turn into a bear leather is just not made for tanking gear Monks....go heals or DPS y'all rock at that but as a tank imo should not have been a monk spec
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100 Tauren Druid
If played correctly, BM monks are fine. I leveled on from 1-90 as a tank, and her grand total of deaths in 5-man normal dungeons is ...

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