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90 Draenei Hunter
The roleplay on this server is not dead, nor on several servers with which we share space.
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100 Night Elf Priest
I'm agreeing totally with you here Syv. It's not gone, just a bit hard to locate. For instance, I know some people head to Sentinels for tavern events and such, and Sentinels people come over here to RP as well.

If you guys want to get some RP up and running, let us know here so we can get something going!
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65 Blood Elf Death Knight
Is it true? Really? There is rp here? WHERE?

So I made a highborne mage Shalaris, and I have a DK named Tullran. Both NE. I plan on having them related and estranged. Maybe father daughter kind of thing.

Anyway, yes I was hoping to find some of those elusive rpers hiding here somewhere. I am an experienced rper, stick pretty much to lore. I like storyline rp rather than random silliness. I am looking for a good NE guild if there is one. For rp purposes, of course.
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56 Night Elf Death Knight
No one posts on forums? I want to start a guild here for people who like a challenge. Do you think you can level to 90 without a death? Certain rules will apply.

1. No heirlooms, use only crafted armor and weapons or quest or dungeon drops.

2. Rp as much as possible, get to know each other and be helpful and kind. All will have a better chance of surviving if we team up.

3. This is for level 1 to 90, death knights are not allowed except as non challengers for reasons of support.

4. Would love to have some kind of prize for this, but I feel the challenge is enough to be a reward if you can accomplish it. Anyone is free to offer incentives to the challengers to reach 90, but they must be given after the character reaches that goal.

5. The guild will be open to all races and classes. (except death knights as stated above). I have decided to do this Alliance side. If there is more interest on Horde side I can easily do a sister guild there.

Anyone interested?
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60 Night Elf Mage
Hello, I am trying to find more rpers on SWC. Anyone interested I am looking to continue this story and gather a few more for my little baby guild.


Leave a message here or send me in game mail, thanks!
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