Heroic Horridon Help Please !!

100 Troll Druid
That irritating little add will most likely attach to you or the other healer on the last phase. You should -

Moonfire it enough times to keep it away from you. This can be a bit problematic on the last phase. Make a /tar macro so you don't have to click it to cast MF.

Use sprint, Stampeding Roar or Displacer Beast to get as far away so you can heal.

Tanks on Horridon simply need to move out of things that are avoidable. DPS should never get killed by the dire. People need to be vocal when it comes out and who its on.

The most difficult part of this encounter is interrupting the adds and killing them. Don't stand in frnt of warbears. Make sure to be on you A game with the dispels. Pick a group for poison and have the pally do the other. Always dispel the highest stack person first. It should never get over 5. Last door it's on you do make sure you dispel on every CD. After that it's the healing on the last phase. If you need to spam RG do it but only on the tank on Horridon. WM are kinda iffy here imo unless you ranged has a set place to stack. Most likely it won't go down like that with all that's going on in that phase. Just have tranq up for the first CD and use Incarnation as another. Make sure to use Ironbark on the horridon tank there too he is going to be hit like a truck.
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I am concerned that if we 3 heal we will not have enough DPS ! Based on the logs do you think we are in line to be able to do this ?

If you 3 heal, have your disc tunnel vision Horridon full time in Atonement and only do spirit shell for dire call, and you should be golden. Also make sure he's speccing into Mindbender to put that on his purple direhorn to get rid of it for a while.

But to be fair, most of the damage on this fight is avoidable, if you interrupt and dispell properly. The only annoyance is the purple crap that follows you everywhere. Only rough patch is between door 3 and 4, where you need to use cooldowns to keep add tank alive, and the damage from the boss combined with the dire call when boss is up.
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90 Troll Druid
Soothe actually costs less mana than Moonfire and also counts as a single-target spell. Thus, Soothe works just as well on the add.
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