Coping Strategies

100 Tauren Druid
I just spend most of the time DPSing, top the charts while keeping everyone alive, and then mock everyone else for being beaten out by a healer.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Music. Lots of Music. Lots and Lots of Music. I also make YT videos to help me calm down. Or shoot Zombies.
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90 Draenei Priest
If it's more than I can heal or they making me heal unnecessary damage repeatedly, I let them die. It takes extra effort to avoid smart heal atonment to accomplish this, but I make it work. Then I explain what the problem is. Doesn't happen often, though, and never been kicked.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Frozen is the biggest plushiest teddy bear in existance... oh, one small detail though.. he has claws! ;)

But for me, I just try to heal through it all and if I can it makes it more fun for me. I like a challenge :D
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I bottleup every bad experience in LFR or Random Dungeons, wait until the weekend then get drunk and take it out on my guild. Which usually involves abusing Life Grip.
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99 Troll Shaman
I actually have found Healing to be the least stressful.

But to answer your question, I just take my eyes off the monitor which my face is glued to, and look around, turning my head both ways. In this moment I realize I am not actually Kuwilei, a felweed smoking Troll of the Darkspear Tribe, and that Azeroth is all in a video game, coded only in 0's and 1's.

Also that any of the single altercations that cause stress, even if they were in real life, are relatively petty and unworthy of such a great degree of emotion.

Just my perspective.
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90 Night Elf Priest
I usually am the one who's screwing everything up. So I generally just shut my face and avoid being yelled at.
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Taking comfort in the fact that at the start of this expansion:

• There was no DPS "requirement."

• Noone demanded quick runs.

• We've CCed the Saurok Ironhides and at least one of the other ones in Mogu'Shan Palace.

• Players have actually died to Wise Mari's spinning water cannon (not sure of the exact name).

• Tanks stayed in one area killing vermin until it dawned on them that maybe these are streaming adds and they should just rush to the next boss.

• Tanks, instead of dropping straight down into the area where Raigonn (Gate of the Setting Sun) is, instead went all the way around and eventually got the [Conscriptionist] achievement.

• Queue times were long (30-45 mins), since nobody wanted to tank, preferring to DPS in order to learn the fights.

• People said these heroics were stupid easy.

Basically, I "cope" by realizing that every time I queue up, I'll be healing hypocrites that tell people to keep up/pull everything/quick runs plz. Knowing the risks makes life a little easier (emphasis on 'a little').
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90 Draenei Shaman
Healing for me is either the most relaxing role or the most stressful. Most bad groups don't stress me out, but the rude ones that are horrid - well let's say they might have a higher repair bill.

I also tend to listen to music based on the role I'm doing. When I'm healing I usually listen to much calmer music then when I tank.
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92 Undead Priest
I just leave rude groups...who cares if you get a debuff...i can pvp or something for that time period and keep the fun rolling...

Not really sure why this stresses people out.......who cares...its just a game.....
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