Fresh 90 Resto Druid PvP advice

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Hello all. I just recently got my druid to 90 which I was leveling as feral. My sole purpose for leveling was to do PvP healing, mainly arenas. Obviously I have to go through a whole lot of regular battlegrounds first before I get to that. Being a new 90, the only PvP gear I have is the crafted dreadful gladiator's wyrmhide set, and given the loss rate of my battlegroup, I feel it may take longer than I had hoped for to get at least full malevolent. So, does anybody have any tips that could help me out in any way? I understand the basis and how I should be prioritizing my heals, but I've never played a healer past level 50, and now I'm endgame PvP healing right off the bat, so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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100 Tauren Druid
Well, you can start off by reading the sticky in the druid forums regarding Resto. Yes, it is a bit out of date, yes, it is about PvE, but you really need to have a handle on your spells before worrying about much else. The talents and glyphs you choose may be rather different, though. Just a couple of quick notes on those:

Arena healing, like arena DPS, is all about the burst and cc. You will most likely want to use Displacer Beast, Incarnation, and Heart of the Wild for three of your talents, and the others are up to you. I prefer Nature's Swiftness, Typhoon, and Disorienting Roar for PvP, but cases can be made for others. As far as glyphs go, Barkskin, Lifebloom (the swapping one), Blooming, Nature's Grasp, and Regrowth (very potent with Incarnation) are some of the ones I swap between, depending on what type of PvP I am doing.

For healing, I try to keep Lifebloom x 3 on the person being focused, Faerie Fire on the current DPS target, and Rejuves on all team members at all times. Emergency heals include Swiftmend and a macro of Nature's Swiftness + Healing Touch. Wild Growth is a counter to AoE, or multi-DoT classes (DKs). Learn what the various classes can do to your partners, and which of these should be dispelled immediately, and which are relatively harmless. And last but not least, you should be using both Barkskin and Ironbark pretty much on CD.

As a druid, you will need to master more than just healing, as our signature in PvP is our mobility and general runawayiness. Get used to shapeshifting, rooting, and cycloning people, as you will be using those very often in arenas. Faerie Fire on rogues is a must. You will also be able to cast Symbiosis on a teammate (must be recast each time you enter an arena, so don't forget). My favorites are Hunters and DKs, as those give you Deterrence and Icebound Fortitude respectively. What classes do you plan to run arenas with?

Although BGs are the traditional way to learn how to PvP, dueling someone is a great way to practice both your heals and your escapes. If you plan to do arenas, duel your arena partner.
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I am currently gearing up for resto pvp as well.
the fastest way to gain honor points, instead of actually doing BGs is to to queue up for heroic 5mans, get justice points and then convert them to honor. believe me, as stupid as it is, it's much faster. Plus, you'll learn more about resto in a more controlled environment at first.
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The main problem is that heroic 5-mans will not teach you the necessary skills for PvP. You will rarely, if ever, be called on to do crowd control, you will rarely, if ever, have to break CC on yourself, and you will rarely, if ever, have to learn your escapes and LoS techniques. Yes, it can be a decent way to farm honor, and yes, it is a good place to learn your basic healing skills, but I find that PvP actually teaches me more about a class' abilities than PvE, particularly compared to dungeons where you are typically using a very small subset of your abilities.
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90 Troll Druid
I'd say start off learning how to use your healing abilities first in 5 man dungeons. That way you can get a handle on what's best to use when. Once you feel you really have that down, branch off into battlegrounds. You'll have already accumulated some gear by this point from converting jp to hp and you'll have a better understanding of when to use certain abilities.

From there, you can focus on learning the finer points of druid PvP -- such as CC, escapes, when to shapeshift, etc.
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