PvP Healing addons for 5.3

Hi all,

Im new to healing in pvp and would like some advice.

Im currently levelling my druid in bgs, and im having to resort to clicking on my team mates, and then decide on whether or not to heal them.

This feels like a very cumbersome method. Therefore, I would like someone to recommend me a healing addon for 5.3. Does such an addon exist that displays the portrait of my BG mates, and their health? Obviously, not all teamates will be in range, but some would be.... So is there an addon that shows all icons of teammembers, and the ones out of range are marked in grey, or do not appeear at all? Are there any fancy ones that gives u alerts if your teamates in ur vicinity are being attacked??

I have been through a number of threeads, and Ive tried a few addons like Vuhdo and Healers-must-die. Healers-must-die seems to be useful for dps classes only though (as the name suggests), but Vuhdo is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE.

It is basically the same as the default annoying green screen that takes up a quearter of ur top left screen - it contains rectangular profiles of all ur team mates. As you would most likely know, this is utter crap, as it doesnt indicate who is in my vicinity. The only thing it does is view the health of my team mates, but what good is that if im not in range to heal him?

I would welcome any suggestions please!

thank u
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Ok ive just utubed a tute on how to use VuhDo, and it is TOTALLY NOT what i needed/expected!

All I want, is to basially enter a BG, encounter a few teamates, and for a portrait/icon of that team mate to appear, so that I can click on/target him, and then perform heals.

Is there any addon out there like this???

I am curently healing by (I feel), a VERY crude method - I walk around a bg, I encounter a team mate. I dont know his health, so I must click on his actual body (who is undoubtedly being surrounded my enemies trying to kill him). Now, my teammate may possibly not need any heals at all - or even worse, i click on the body of an enemy!

So as you can see, precious seconds wasted and VERY clumsy. Please inform me of an addon that will negate my woes!

Thank you
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What was it about Vuhdo that you didn't like? It will show you who is out of range, and can even provide you with an arrow indicator of their direction relative to you. I don't know of any addons that will only show you health bars of people in your immediate vicinity. I would imagine that to be very limiting though. How would you keep tabs on people who aren't range of you?

You can also hit "v" (standard keybind) to view nameplates floating above teammates heads, or use an addon to customize them in a way that is useful to you. My nameplates show debuffs, health and their cast bar. Tidy Plates is good, from what I have heard. That addon can be found here: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/tidy-plates
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Get Gladius.

But it'll only work for Arenas.

For BGs, you're basically SOL.
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All I want, is to basially enter a BG, encounter a few teamates, and for a portrait/icon of that team mate to appear, so that I can click on/target him, and then perform heals.

Is there any addon out there like this???


and that is a terrible way of healing btw.

get grid/vuhdo/healbot. all 3 requires setting up but there are lots of vids/tutorials about it. it will show you everyone's health at the start, even if they're far away (you just can't heal them and they will be grayed out. you can also see any cc or debuffs/buffs on them.

i use grid myself with clique (or if you don't wanna get clique, set up your own mouseover macros). you won't get anywhere in pvp with click targeting. it will get worse at max level so better learn how to mouseover heal now.

additional nice pvp addons are battleground targets, healers have to die (if you suck at spotting healers), tidy plates with cc display enabled (or if you don't want that, get platebuffs). also get interrupt bar, very important as a healer.

Get Gladius.

But it'll only work for Arenas.

gladius works in bg's but only in your party if you didn't queue alone.

OP you don't really have to get gladius since you're not doing arenas just yet. all it does in bg's is if you're in a party before queueing for bg --- it will tell your party members if trinkets have been used by FC or EFC, if they used their 8 sec dispel and if they are on low health. kind of useless if you're queue'ing alone.

however it is mandatory you get gladius if you decide to do level 70, 80, and 90 arena of course.
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Default raid frames do exactly what you want. Get Clique or mouseover macros so you don't have to click on people, just scroll over their raid frame.
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