5% haste buff and resto druids.

90 Worgen Druid
worm actually does bring slightly more dps since it has a aoe damage ability
but honestly make him get a spore bat or boot him and get a spriest since a spriest is far superior

Last time I checked, it doesn't. Since it goes underground for the duration, you lose Beast Cleave, which would be a dps loss.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
From http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/513-mists-of-pandaria-raid-buffs-and-debuffs/

+4% Physical damage taken for 30 seconds ( Physical Vulnerability)

  • Frost/Unholy Death Knights: Brittle Bones/ Ebon Plaguebringer
  • Boar Pets: Gore
  • Exotic Rhino Pets: Stampede
  • Exotic Worm Pets: Acid Spit
  • Ravager Pets: Ravage
  • Retribution Paladins: Judgments of the Bold
  • Arms/Fury Warriors: Colossus Smash

  • The 4% is not just for personal gain.

    What's your raid comp? You may have to weigh 4% physical dmg from your tank/melee/hunter vs 5% haste for caster/healer, depending on what your raid is struggling on.
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    100 Night Elf Druid
    Good thing about hunters is they can bring any buff with different pets.

    Ours currently brings 5% crit - it's what our group lacks at the moment. While he'd like to his worm or some other more exotic pet - it is what it is.

    You either buff/help the raid, or why do we need you?

    Selfish DPS(or DPS who wont do certain jobs during fights due to a DPS loss) are bad lemons in a raid group.

    One time we didn't have the buff and someone told me to reforge so I wouldn't need it - I had to explain how much mastery i'd lose just to get the haste point and how it was very much not worth it.

    I'd just refuse to run with a group that didn't provide me a 5% haste buff.
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    100 Human Priest
    Our hunter is well trained and brings whatever we need. So, three heal fights (ele to resto) on nights the spriest has wife aggro, he runs a sporebat. Too bad they are all ugly as heck.
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    90 Worgen Druid
    I almost never get the Haste buff.... but Im too lazy to reforge into more Haste, because the day I do, we'll get a Hunter, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, or Boomkin starting to raid with us regularly.
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    90 Pandaren Monk
    I did a raid once where I was like 4 rating under the breakpoint. Was trying to figure out why TFT was being so wonky.
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    5 Human Warlock
    Sounds like you should tell the hunter he either does what is best for the raid or he is out. Megaera can be tough on the healers when folks are learning to move properly, especially if you are 2 healing. And in particular a two druid comp may struggle because of the lack of absorbs so gimping their primary healing spell and their primary AoE CD is just asking for failure.
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    90 Gnome Monk
    Our hunter brings his sporebat when our shaman or priest is healing instead of dps'ing. When one of them dps, then he gets out his hyena for attack speed since we lack a rogue/unholy dk because I refuse to play one. xD

    But as a hunter, who brings no other raid utility, he should be making himself helpful with spell haste. Good of all> good of one.
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    90 Dwarf Shaman
    Your hunter is a moron fyi. All ferocity pets do the same dmg, regardless of whether they are exotic or not. He needs to bring the sporebat and stop being bad.

    [edit] I see some of you beat me to it.
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    100 Tauren Druid
    Spriest tranquility is trash. It's just flat-out not worth using.

    But I agree with this, replace the hunter.

    Eh, the OP said they were having issues on Megaera, and while a shadow priest's Tranq isn't great, it can still help save the more important CDs for the last head or two by being used on one of the early Rampages.
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    90 Pandaren Monk

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    90 Worgen Druid
    Kick him and get a shadow priest. The druids will not only get the haste buff, but one will get Leap of Faith, and the raid as a whole will get an extra Tranquility.

    Maybe if the hunter realizes how inferior he really is when compared to a shadow priest, he will get a sporebat. ;)

    That......was AWESOME
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    100 Tauren Druid
    Says it's a dps loss to run a sporebat over his worm or whatever he's running. Like 4% or something.

    He says he's definetly gonna run BM on the next few fights,and I don't know it's just gonna screw the druids over with reforging and gemming.

    [Edit] Also Paladin is putting out mastery buff. Only buff we are really missing is Melee haste,but with only me (fury warrior) and a feral dps i'm not too concerned with that. (my dps is more than fine.)

    You need to drop your hunter.

    What a highly uneducated dickbag. Seriously, kick the huntard. For being dumb, and for not doing whats best for the raid.
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    100 Tauren Druid
    07/26/2013 09:42 PMPosted by Tiriel
    Tell him to run a Sporebat, or find someone who will bring the 5% haste buff.

    Absolutely. This is an example of a player putting him or herself above the raid. It's almost to the point of if I show up for raid, and I've respecced to Boomkin. On the first wipe, RL notices that I did no healing and asks me about it.

    "I don't want to heal because it hurts my dps"

    Yes, everyone wants to be really good at their role. But the hunter has to realize that their role includes more than just damaging the boss. They also need to be able to provide buffs as needed, provide misdirection, CC if needed.
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    100 Night Elf Druid

    Best pet.


    Nuff Said!
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    90 Night Elf Druid
    well my guild runs two hunters

    one runs with the sporebat

    one runs with a pet that gives the crit

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    100 Night Elf Druid
    But as a hunter, who brings no other raid utility

    IIRC, hunters still bring the attack power buff as a passive aura.

    Your general point is still valid though. The ability to cover a wide variety of otherwise potentially missing raid buffs is awesome and hunters that refuse to use it when it is needed aren't good team players.
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    92 Worgen Druid
    One time we didn't have the buff and someone told me to reforge so I wouldn't need it - I had to explain how much mastery i'd lose just to get the haste point and how it was very much not worth it.

    I tried to explain this too but no one wanted to hear it.

    As an aside, it's over 2k. Was something like 11% to Harmony or something if I remember right.
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