Balanced Trillium Ingot

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I got the plans and started making these. For the first three days it seemed to be working correctly but now, for the last 5 days, it doesn't consume the trillium bar. I.e., I've made 8 of the balanced trillium ingots but I've only used up 3 of my trillium bars.

OK the timing above may not be correct. I just made an ingot in SW, flew to the Shrine of Seven Stars and I was able to make another one only minutes later. Then I tried logging off and back on and I was able to make another one, so the cool down is being reset somehow. Repeating the process, I was able to make the 21 ingots I needed to make a Balanced Trillium Waistplate.

And the fun keeps on going. Having made the Balanced Trillium Waistplate, I noticed that it didn't consume the Balanced Trillium Ingots that I had made. So I was immediately able to make a Balanced Trillium Waistguard and a Balanced Trillium Belt and I still have my 21 ingots and all but 3 of my trillium bars.

Is any of this intentional I wonder (just for the PTR)?

Aarrggh! Now I just noticed that the three crafted pieces are all soulbound! That's got to be fixed I hope. I made these on my rogue and he can't wear plate.

"Blizz giveth and Blizz taketh away."
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90 Human Warrior
This all seems to have been fixed in a recent build. I.e., the cool down appears to be 24 hours on the balanced trillium ingots, the mats for the ingots and the gear are being consumed and the gear is now BoE.
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