5.4 Vengeance Mechanics - Info Request


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No one likes getting nerfed, but if you're only playing because Vengeance... well, that's not much of a reason to play.
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Wasn't really sure where to put this, because I didn't see any big PTR forum thread on this.

On PTR raid-testing, I had some minor aggro issues but nothing unmanageable, they were probably due mainly to me not understanding the mobs I was tanking as well as I should.

I definitely noticed the reduced vengeance when out in the world soloing (mostly on the Timeless Isle). It was less fun than on live. On live it feels like you are rewarded for gathering up a bunch of bunch of weak mobs. I have enjoyed for most of MoP - and it seems like that is all but going away in 5.4.

Hopefully it is not too late for this to be backed out on, or other solutions considered.

If this is supposed to address tanks being able to handle too many mobs in certain SoO encounters, perhaps the following could be considered:

* Vengeance Mechanic changes could apply only within SoO, so as not to effect soloing, dungeons, challenge modes (already handled I know), and (perhaps) previous raids.
* Perhaps the Diminishing returns could apply only after a certain thresh-hold, so that very weak mobs such as those encountered outside raids are unaffected. Example: The first 100k Unmitigated DPS or something.
* If there are specific fights where people are 'doing it wrong' by tanking too many adds, and surviving because of high vengeance: address those specific encounters. They can buff each other to be unmanageable (especially damage well exceeding the Vengeance cap) or debuff the tank (Mortal Strike, Reduced Armor, Stun): there are options which will stress the tank other than just giving more damage -> vengeance -> mitigation.
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