Healing 10m Heroic Council of Elders

90 Pandaren Monk
Looking for a guide or more class specific advice and or guide, I've been looking around a can't seem to come up with one. Thanks for any help in advance!
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100 Goblin Shaman
If you would like a guide I can suggest one. However, it is a REALLY long video (close to 50 minutes) and I didn't actually see it. I just heard its good.


You are going to have to give us more information about your raid comp.

1) How many melee do you have . If you have at least 1-3, you are golden.

2) Do you have a rogue or paladin. Rogue is more important than a paladin since not all paladins have good enough reaction times.

3) Again, how many melee / ranged do you have?

This fight is actually incredibly easy as a monk healer because you get targeted by 0 mechanics. As in, frostbite (empowered or not) and sand trap. You might not think this is important, but because the game registers you as a "melee" person, you can stand there and be safe.

Similar to normal, all dps should start on Sul with cleaves on Malak. Sul should be in the range of 40-50% for a first kill by the time you push Malak. If you have a ton of excess time on dark power then delay hitting Malak and focus more dps onto Sul. Lust + cooldowns at the start.

Priestess is empowered next. Ranged groups stay max range. Melee group stays in melee. When twisted fate goes out, each group kills their own roughly at the same time. Both groups should stun + slow their add right when they spawn.

Assuming you only had 2 loa spirits in the first malak empower, you should get at maximum 3 twisted fates. If you waited really long in dark power and a 3rd spirit spawned, only two fates will get off. Ideally you push her between fate 2 and 3. Sul should be at 10%.

At this point kazrajin is empowerd. Tanks can honestly finish Sul. Tell your group to not go crazy on kazrajin. Healing cooldowns need to be rotated here.

Afterwards, it goes back to priestess. At this point we move all the bosses to the wall. This is because of all the sand that is leftover in the middle. Same deal here. Dont push too fast. Try to get malak / kazra as low as possible so that you push right at dark power.

Malak is empowered next. Time this correctly such that an OLD type of frostbite (biting cold I believe is the name) is put out WHILE priestess is empowered. Thus, he won't do his deadly frostbite until 30-40 seconds into the phase. Remember, the empowered ability is on the same cooldown as the normal ability. That is pretty crucial to remember. This is also the reason why at the start, if you let 3 loa spirits spawn, she will only do 2 twisted fates before you push priestess empower #1.

Most important things:

1) Malak empowered should at maximum throw out 2 empowered frostbites. If you time it right the second time he gets empowered, he will only have 1. If your rogue smoke bombs two seconds before the timer goes off, he will NOT put out the empowered frostbite. This makes things a ton easier.

Additionally, if you have a paladin in your raid, this person MUST be looking out on the actual field (not raid frames) for a tiny blue arrow that goes over a person's head BEFORE they get frostbite. If you HoP within the 1-1.5 second window you have on that person before the debuff goes out, they will not get it. Of course, this requires your paladin to be paying a ton of attention and your ranged / healers (not you) to be close when a frostbite is about to go out so that they can see the blue arrow (DBM WILL NOT TELL YOU NOR WILL RAID FRAMES).

2) you are bound to get one empowered frostbite going out.

If this person does not stack properly they will take 300k per second. If they stack with 1 person, they split 180k per second (pretty much worse than the 300k but it is on 2 people so its not awful - still not recommended). If they stack with 2 people the collective group of 3 takes a minor amount of 60k per second.

Because the melee / tanks / you are never targeted by sand traps and NEVER have to move (don't move for kazra'jin roll) you have to form 2-3 groups within melee that consist of 2 people each that are tightly stacked up.

Your 2 tanks = 1 group.
You + 1 more melee = 1 more group.

If you possess even 1 more melee or 2, then this = a 3rd group.

You form a triangle around the boss and never move while malak is empowered. The person who gets frostbite MUST realize they have a 1-1.5 second window where they know its them since they will get that blue arrow above them. They immediately run into one of these groups. After 6 (if 3 groups) - 8 (if 2 groups) seconds, they swap to another group. If you swap early, you will wipe probably because you cannot stay at one group for more than 8 seconds.

Frostbite lasts 30 seconds. You can stay at a maximum of 8 seconds in one group. You cannot return to that group for 8 seconds. As you can see, it becomes so much easier if you have 3 groups as a result.

Positioning is key here. Once you get it down you will probably find that you prefer healing through an empowered frostbite as opposed to the normal frostbite.
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100 Goblin Shaman
Alternate strats / more info on empowered frostbite:

An alternate strat is to Forget stacking for empowered frostbite and just heal through it. I mean I guess you can do this but if you have low gear levels (which we did at the time), this isn't really recommended. You need to pump massive heals into them.

Before considering damage reduction, realize they will take 9,000,000 damage on ONE target. in contrast, if you do it right, you will take in total 5,400,000 essentially split over 5-7 targets.

So a little bit more on empowered malak. The way we did it is we formed essentially a triangle. The tanks = 1 group. Our 2 melee = another group. our monk was our only other person and served as a 3rd group. I will explain the role of why we had a monk there as a 3rd group even though he was not paired up with anyone.

Just make sure you have that triangle formation. The range on frostbite is incredibly low (like 4 yards) so your 3 groups can still be very close.

So frostbite lasts for 30 seconds. If you stack with two targets, you will each take 60k per second. However, in heroic, the stack group gets a debuff within 8 seconds that makes it such that they cannot help reduce the number of stacks of frostbite from 5 to 1 for an additional 8 seconds.

SO while we eventually got it down with just 2 groups (alternating exactly at 8 seconds), having a 3rd group gives you a huge cushion. THIS was also the role of our monk who was by himself. If someone screwed up and went early into one of the groups they shouldn't have, then they would quickly fly by the solo monk group for just a few seconds before getting back on the proper group.

The only other thing is at times you will get an extra action button every other time you dps one of the bosses through empowered (so at 1, 3, 5, 7 etc). It is incredibly easy to deal with. Someone else can explain that.
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90 Worgen Druid
Get a rogue. Smoke bomb frostbites #1 and #3. For #2 use externals and just heal through it or get lucky and have someone with an immunity react fast enough to immune it. You can even let them die and battle rez if you are feeling lazy/noobish.

Nothing much to heal for the rest of the fight except tanks and some aoe. Just make sure that for twisted fates someone is far enough away that you don't get owned by huge aoe dmg (stun/root/knockback works on these)and for kaz discharge use healing cooldowns and stack up on him for aoe healing.

Easy boss.
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100 Draenei Priest
08/08/2013 01:14 AMPosted by Stratas
Smoke bomb frostbites #1 and #3. For #2 use externals

If you hero out the gate heal through the first one and bomb #2 and #3. Having Hero up will help with healing and smoke bomb will be up again by the time you get back to Malak.

If you don't have many ranged immunities or a rogue you may have to do a stacking strat. If you have enough external cds you may be able to just heal through each one with the gear you should have now, or Battle Rez one and use CDs for the other two. They can hop into melee for the last 8s to help as well.

Use raid CDs for Kazrajin and/or don't kill your raid with dps.
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90 Undead Monk
we use a rogue to smoke bomb the first and third frostbite. dps takes malak out of empower just before 2nd one goes out(70 energy i believe). we 2 heal the fight, me and a disc priest just make sure you have TFT for kazrajin's discharges and mar'li's twisted fate.

if you also have a priest try to coordinate tft and spirit shell so you don't use them at the same time.

i like to spec xuen for this fight b/c people aren't always stacked up for chi torpedo, and you can use it as a mini healing cd for discharge or twisted fate.

revival will most likely be used during discharge

if you don't have a rogue and you're healing through frostbites healing spheres are pretty op

if you can convince your raid member to stand still while you spam spheres on them.

i find it a good idea to put EM on tanks during swaps for frigid assault.

i try to stand in melee by sul/malak and get in a few sand bolt interupts if needed
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100 Tauren Priest
Basically smoke bomb strat seems to be the easiest strat. Usually 2 heal it with a resto druid and me disc. Smoke bomb 1 and 3 push malak before he does the second bomb. Only hard part about 2 healing is kazra and I spirit shell the first roll and make sure I have shields on the person with the debuff that stacks damage on them the longer they hold it and the person who has biting cold, and then I pop power infusion and shield spam the raid for the second roll while the resto druid uses tranq and we push him out before he rolls again.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Funny how people like to complicate things.. when Marlee empowers, interrupt her so she goes in melee, and have one ranged dps stand out max distance.. this way you can dps marlee and cleave frost king and sul (and kazrajin once in a while)

Much easier that way, when she is no longer empowered, move the other bosses elswhere.

For healing, you're a mistweaver.. spam healing sphere on the frostbite target, make sure they use personal cooldowns, not much else to do beside using single target damage reduction cooldowns on them.
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90 Human Priest
When my guild does the fight we 2 heal it, and never have ANY frostbites to deal with. :D
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90 Troll Priest
Frostbite is simple on 10m.

Get a rogue, right before he casts his first one, drop a smoke bomb.

Shouldn't get a second one if your dps are good.

Besides that.... just heal people... idk enough said? Not much more here.
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100 Draenei Priest
We don't have a rogue, so our Frostbite strategy is: Someone Dies. (Unless we're lucky and a Mage / Pally gets it).

Our first kill was 3 heals and we did the Frostbite dance properly... but honestly, it's not worth it. With 2 heals, your DPS should be able to push Malak before the second Frostbite and still have decent DPS on Sul. If the cheesy strat works, go for it.
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