"Heal my Pet!"

:D [/quote]

My raidframes show that when a mob is targeting my void tendrils, they end up with DA shields. :) [/quote]

When I pvp on my lowbie disc priest, I feel slightly dirty when using tendrils on some melee and then atonement killing them while they desperately try to kill the tendrils that are being healed and shielded.
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90 Human Priest
I do not heal pets unless they are tanking.
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93 Blood Elf Warlock
Don't heal my pet! You've got more important things to do like keeping everyone alive! If some one can't handle the responsibility of keeping THEIR own pet alive then they have no business having one. Maybe THEY should reroll and try a pet free class. All warlock specs have an instant rez, and If I recall correctly hunter pets in ferocity spec have Heart of the Phoenix. Which reads as such; "Instant: When used, your pet miraculously returns to life with full health."

So if you can't be bothered to heal my pet because you're keeping the tank/ yourself/ me alive, thats fine. I rather burn a global and return to dpsing than die because you were trying to keep mine or someone else's pet up.
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90 Human Priest
Just lolatonement heal them. Problem solved.
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92 Pandaren Monk
I do usually depending on how low they get since mend pet is a HoT.
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100 Draenei Hunter
If you pet is taking enough direct damage to require healing you are a failure of a pet class...
Simple solution: turn growl off. Spec ferocity. Don't misdirect to pet.
Now, even in 5-mans, your pet should never die.

Pet taking is another story however... Personally, I have never needed a healer to keep my pet alive, even when I have had to pet tank heroic 5-mans (tank was a total failure, and refused to tank, and 4 hour kick lockout...) and heroic scenarios. But I have healed other players pets on my disc priest when they were pet tanking.

If you are pet tanking because there is no tank: healer should heal the pet.
If the pet is pulling aggro off the tank: let the pet die, then kick the hunter/lock for being a failure.
If the hunter/lock is pulling aggro off the tank: kick the tank for being a failure because holding aggro is stupid easy currently if everyone else (healer/dps) is playing their class right.
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82 Blood Elf Paladin
Hell no
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90 Tauren Druid
It really depends for me. Today I had a hunter that wouldn't turn off aspect of the pack, and kept pulling mobs. Forget her pet, for the short time she was in the group I didn't even heal HER.
In general I'll heals a pet when everyone is at full and the tank has some HOTs left.
That all being said, idk how much harder it is to heal heroics or 90 content, so I could start to ignore them in the near future.
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90 Worgen Druid
Only time I've healed a pet is Heroic dark animus cause I don't want them dieing while tanking adds and if all I have to do it throw it 1 - 2 rejuvs so that I do not have to tank one of those annoying little adds then so be it!

I defiantely don't show them on my healing frames though. They don't usually take enough damage to worry about and if they somehow are then hunters and warlocks usually have the tools needed to heal or revive them while I'm busy healing something more important.
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90 Pandaren Hunter
I'll heal a pet in a major boss fight if the pet is taking damage, but if the tank has asked a hunter to turn growl off and the hunter refuses to or just doesn't do it in which case I will just let the pet die because at that point it is on them
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100 Gnome Monk
I once didn't heal a pet because it was a wolf named TeamJacob. Does that make me a bad gnome? :)
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90 Troll Priest
My cascade heals pets AND lock portals.

Be thankful. I'm certainly not.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
I once didn't heal a pet because it was a wolf named TeamJacob. Does that make me a bad gnome? :)

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90 Blood Elf Priest
My splash heals get them regardless. I don't have them on my frames, but I do have a special panel for focus/target individuals, so if a tank dies I can get the pet healed. If it's not tanking though, I would prefer to regen a little bit vs spending mana.
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90 Night Elf Druid
no i don't heal peoples pets. players are top priority. if we are somehow soloing something that involves a pet tank since the tank left then that is when i will heal their pet other then that they should be healing it themselves. ontop of that they should have pet taunts OFF unless soloing things. i find it that pets only take dmg by aoe spells or when the tank isn't aggroing something and my pet has all the aggro.

this is very common at low levels my pet often dies because the tank doesn't hold aggro on adds and only the boss.if growl is on the pet will taunt off the tanks and in the end die. like you i simply ignore idiots who tell me to heal their pets when it isn't needed.if you do NOT know how to manage your pet do not even roll a pet class or better yet don't even have your pet tank.
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90 Night Elf Druid
08/08/2013 10:13 AMPosted by Deynesta
I once didn't heal a pet because it was a wolf named TeamJacob. Does that make me a bad gnome? :)


I would have let that pet die sooo much. And the hunter, for liking Twilight in the first place.
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100 Human Paladin
I do but they are at the bottom of my priority list. I'll only do it if I have time and mana to spare. I'll heal a pet with growl on at first (like I would a fire standing dps) but if they've been asked to turn it off and haven't, I'll let the pet die (just like I would a fire standing dps).

They contribute to dps. More dps makes the dungeon go faster which is pretty much my goal at all times.

I think it's up to individual healers though. When I'm on my hunter, dk or lock I don't ever expect the healer to heal my pet. If they do I'm grateful but there's no expectation on my part.
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90 Human Priest
Pre-90, I heal pets because I get way too bored.
Post 90, I haven't done a direct heal on a pet intentionally. This will change in time, as I progress through ToT and max DPS begins to matter more.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Nope, unless it's agreed that the pet intentionally tanks of if the tank dies and the pet picks up the slack. They probably get heals from my LoD, LH or HR HR HS splash, but no direct healings, at 90, at least in my guild raid, I have yet to see our hunters letting their pet take stupid damage that require direct healing.
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94 Pandaren Monk
At low levels the only reason why you need to heal a pet is that the owner is a tard-> Pet with Taunt on...if they don't turn it off, let them die. Only exception to this would be if tank died, but then it's your fault;)
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