"Heal my Pet!"

90 Blood Elf Priest
Never. I don't even have their bars on my UI.
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100 Human Paladin
Maybe you wouldn't be so bored if you actually paid attention and did your job correctly. As a healer it is my job to heal and if you aren't going to heal pets, why heal the Hunter? The Pet is an extension of him in every way.

If you find it hard to pay attention to pet health, maybe you should choose another profession before it's to late.

You always see parents in movies and tv shows tell their kids that its their responsibility to take care of their pets and that's how i feel about hunters and their pets. It's not healers responsibility, but the hunter. Now if the pet is tanking or it's a unique situation, sure i'll throw heals on it but otherwise your pet doesn't matter to me, take care of your own damn pet. If you can't do that they you don't deserve to have a pet.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
I heal everything, pets too because they are part of our group. Pets are an extention of a hunter and sometimes half of the hunters damage (BM).

Also, it doesn't take much to heal a pet. They heal nice and mana cost is hardly nothing compared to healing people.

The main point would be that the pet should not require enough healing for this to be an issue. Turn off growl and your pet takes minimal damage outside of AOE. If they take AOE damage and you want them to stay alive to enhance your own dps, heal them. Otherwise they might get lucky enough to catch one of my passive heals from atonement.
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7 Troll Priest
I heal everything, pets, minions, dps standing in fire, whatever...

I will stop healing pets if their TAUNT is on, and they start pulling aggro from the tanks.
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90 Undead Priest
I don't pay much attention to pets. I've started keeping a separate frame for pets, and I drag it out of it's obscure position if someone asks me to keep their pet up, but mostly it's not necessary these days.
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