Druid PvP Question - Is this a bad strategy?

90 Night Elf Druid
So I'm a resto druid and I like to do 2v2 arena a lot.

I've done some tests and I've noticed that it may or may not be worth it (depending on the situation) to pop into cat form, quickly claw for 5 combo points and then using the combo-point-using ability that stuns them for 2-5sec. (I forget what's it's called.)

My usual rotation is to stealth at the beginning, wait for both enemies to attack, unless one is stealthed, and then pop a few hots on my partner. I then bash or cyclone the enemy my partner is not attacking. After a bash (5s stun) and 3 cyclones I pop into cat form, wild charge them, get 5 quick combo points and 5sec stun them again with the finishing move.

Of course I heal my partner at any time in the middle of this. Healing the partner is #1 priority, but assuming my hots held him/her over and the cc for the 2nd opponent didn't break then I find I have plenty of time to spam my 5 combo points and continuously stun the 2nd enemy until the 1st one is dead.

Sometimes this doesn't work right though. Perhaps the first cc I throw out is trinketted immediately and they in turn cc me in which I have to trinket out and then it becomes a cc war while my parner is dying.

The times in which I'm found while stealthed and am caught off guard is usually when my team loses. However some rogues are really good a predicting where someone could be hiding.

My point is that, do you other druids think it's a waste of time to pop cat form and use the finishing-combo move to stun the enemy? I realize I shouldn't be doing this if my partner is dying obviously, but what else should I be doing?

EDIT: I'd like to add that I ALWAYS use symbosis on my partner, unless it's a druid. I also always use barkskin, iron bark and use swiftmend on CD if I'm being attacked at all.
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90 Tauren Druid
I have never been great at 2v2, but I don't think there is a "one size fits all" strategy for PvP. For example, if the second player is a mage, using stun CC's and kitty form can be very effective, especially since it protects you from polymorph. For a warrior, I find it easier to stay in caster form and kite/root the daylights out of them. Since a druid's weakness is burst healing, it is important to stay on top of your partner's health, as you don't have many counters to the other team's burst. If he or she dips below 50%, it can be hard to bring them back up if NS is on CD.

Are you using Mushrooms, and is your partner helping by standing on them for burst heals?

Edit: If you are using cat form regularly, you may want to switch your level 90 talent to Heart of the Wild. Nature's Vigil isn't all that strong in PvP, and the burst damage you can do as feral with HotW up is actually fairly impressive.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Seeing as you're a night elf, consider the fact that against some teams you can actually heal your partner for a little bit, (just through the enemy team's opening burst assuming they use some cooldowns instantly which most teams do,) then after you've lived their burst and gotten DR'd on some CC, go into catform, use shadowmeld to drop combat, and then get your stealth, and do your whole opener. Obviously this might not be the best strat against some double dps teams or rogue teams, but against alot of healer/dps teams you can skip the scary "They countered my stealth opener and now my partner is low with minimal hots" scenario by using that strat.

As far as maim goes, its really awesome, consider also that you could also spend that time in cat form simply dpsing the kill target with heart. A 5 point ferocious bite from 50 energy can crit for 100K plus, and that extra dps can just be kill sometimes. :P

Okay, okay I just did the armoury.

You might want to consider speccing out of renewal, since having NS for instant cylcones, (or instant heals,) is just really, really good, it can be the difference between getting a clutch clone or just getting locked out on cast. Also, as far as renewal vs. Cenerion Ward goes... CW is pretty much just better. :P You're going to want to get used to have Nature's Swiftness though, since next patch we get it baseline, so you can take renewal anyways if you really want.

As far as Wild charge vs. Displacer Beast goes..... Its a toss up. There's so much you can do with Wild Charge, but the drawbacks are that it only goes 15 yards, (instead of 20,) and if you want to use it as an escape tool you have to spend that global to get into travel form as well, so 2 globals to go 15 yards away rather than one to go 20. I mean obviously it has the shorter cooldown, and you can really abuse it on like blade's edge, but.... Meh. I guess that one is personal preference. I'm so used to Displacer Beast I couldn't spec out of it.

Now that Natre's Vigil is only a 10 percent increase, it is no longer viable. The 6% increased intellect from heart of the wild is superior for healing output, even if you never use the cooldown itself, which is really, really good in 2's, when sometimes your partner won't be able to put out enough damage by himself to get a kill.

You need to replace glyph of wild growth with glyph of Lifebloom. Being able to switch the 3stack blooms between you and your partner with only one global is unbelievably good, once you start using it you'll feel like you can do so much more! Think about it, right now, when the enemy swaps to you, your first three globals are Bloom-Bloom-Bloom. With this glyph, they'll swap to you, and your first three globals will be Bloom-Rejuv-Mend, soooo much more hps.

Consider swapping glyph of regrowth for glyph of cyclone. Not the biggest deal but it can be game changing in some cases.

I'm actually almost 200 points above my breakpoint right now so I need to reforge something.

I think that's everything.


Consider gettting some kind of mana return trinket with intellect instead of the Dominance trinket. RNG spellower boosts aren't really the best for healers. The relic is the best one, Soothing talisman is a good substitute if you can't get the relic, it has the same CD as innervate so you can just macro them together.

EDIT: ALSO! Get the resilience meta as soon as you can! Until then, get rid of the spirit meta and get the one with intellect and Silence Duration Reduced by 10%, or the one with Stamina and Stun Duration Reduced by 10%. Taking cc shorter wins.
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