Resto Shaman Stat Priority

90 Troll Shaman
Generally, there is a wide variation on what you can do with stats. If you aren't sure how what direction to go, I would specifically avoid Mastery stacking. In the current healing environment (affected as much by what other classes can do as our own toolkit) and the level of overhealing/absorbs/passive healing you typically see, it just flat out underperforms other stats. It generally is behind Crit by a 2:1 to 4:1 margin, and Crit trails Haste to breakpoints in a lot of cases and definitely trails INT in terms of throughput. It just tends to be a really awful stat right now.

As far as what else you want to do, ask yourself some questions.
-Are you doing 25 man and are the other healers in your raid having mana problems/don't have the legendary meta? In that case, stacking to maximum Spirit is probably the best idea.
-Is Healing Rain 25%+ of your output on the average fight? If so, you gain a lot by stacking to the 7613 haste breakpoint as soon as possible.
-Are you having significant mana issues based on playstyle, gear level, or spell selection? If so, and you don't want to switch spell selection around/mess with Totemic Recall, you can consider going with a low haste level and Spirit > Crit > Haste > Mastery. The extra Crit means more resurgence regen.
-If you're doing 10 man (probably not recommended in 25 due to MTT gains for the whole raid), you can consider going to a low (sub 10,000) Spirit build and emphasizing recalling every HST and dropping and recalling Magma totems during meta procs.

I personally don't advise putting much value in haste breakpoints except for Healing Rain. The totem breakpoints are buggy, ELW is a fairly negligible source of your output typically. Riptide rarely exceeds 15% of your output, so you are only looking at a 1-2% increase from hitting a Riptide breakpoint. Unless you are close to an ELW/RT breakpoint from basic gearing, I don't advise going out of your way to get to one. You generally gain less throughput than the Spirit/Crit/Mastery you would drop to get there gives you.
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80 Troll Shaman
Thank you, Tiberria. Very helpful information.

I'm doing 25's, so I'm going to try for a Healing Rain breakpoint after Spirit, and go with as much crit as I have available after that. We have a lot of Disc Priest and Holy Paladins, so Mastery, as you said, is likely not going to be very helpful to me.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
our shaman stacks the living day lights out of haste/spirit. too the point i stack crit basically. It works well for her. Ive never seen a resto sham give me a run for my money in healing since well icc. Her healing rain, HST do massive healing with so many ticks and her chain heal snipes like a boss.
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