Battlefield: Barrens Ending Soon


100 Human Priest
I wonder who exactly thinks that removing a portion of gameplay that helps us get gear for our alts during the most unfriendly alt expac to date is good fun. This was a quest hub and now suddenly it's an "event" This being an event is almost as laughable as destroying the vale being a "dynamic" game world experience. It is not dynamic when you change it and that's it. I mean after siege is it gonna be all cleaned up and put back to it's former glory I would think not. Heck SW is still burning.

When people said they like events they mean events that are titled events so that people have an expectation of them being timed events. This just seems to contrived. Well time for battle no more supplies needed pack it in and hope we have enough arrows fellas. And does barrens go back to simply the barrens it was before or will it be dynamic itself. I mean I would think most of the overturned wagons and random bits would be left to the wastes. The big black pits should remain near the oil I mean oil fields don't just go away. What about all the logging there should be a million tree stumps leftover when the "event" ends. There should be carcasses of all the dead animals that were slaughtered. The buildings should remain as well if the men are going off to battle they can't rightly have time to break down all the buildings or maybe set fire to them and leave them to burn.

Heck you would think the goblins would move in and set up camp in those old areas to harvest what is left once the collectors have gone off to war. The goblins can see there is money left to be made and would take advantage of it probably even offering to sell the precious items left behind like the trinkets and griftahs shoes. Where is the lore, the storytelling is all just a pile of sticky notes in the trash because big business decided it's just not worth it to advance the lore just end it here, garrosh is the bad guy alliance wins yadda yadda collect your purples and don't let the door hit ya on your way out.
100 Worgen Mage
Yes, it's so awful they're removing a bad way to gear up alts and introducing a completely better method in the same patch. Did you not pay any attention to all the talk about the Timeless Isle? You'll be able to pick up BoA tokens on your main that you can send to your alts and have them upgrade to 496 or, if you work at it, 535.

This is so much better than Battlefield barrens it's almost ridiculous to complain about Barrens going away. You talk about Alt unfriendly and Barrens pretty well -was-, it wasn't tuned for new 90s, despite giving the 502 boots, farming up the latent gear and the materials was -painful- for anyone in less than full blues unless you got lucky and happened to be on a server that did frequent Commander group kills. And there's the whole BoP thing, so you had to do it on the alt in question.

They've also already said all the Kor'kron changes to the barrens will remain.
100 Human Priest
You should have tried Barrens with friends. I assure you it's far easier then hoping for a token drop.
100 Worgen Death Knight
Lastly, while Ravika has other important duties to attend to once 5.4 goes live, we know that Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes hold a soft spot in many hearts, so we’re currently exploring options to reintroduce them at a later date.

this is easy griftah or a mob similar to, becomes a rare spawn mob with 100% drop rate nice and simple and controllable way to get them in imo
100 Human Paladin

Also, titles account-wide pretty please?

Every item other than the pet, the Brawler's Guild item, and the 24-slot bag are being removed; this includes the removal of the ability to earn the title and the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster. We know a lot of you would like to have the cosmetic goodies readily available to pick up with other characters or to share with your alts, but this event was designed to be part of the story for the game at this point in time. For those who earned their title, you now carry a badge of honor for having helped the war effort against Garrosh.

I guess it was to be expected. I still can't believe you won't let us have the classic level 60 PvP titles and transmogs account-wide either, which was pretty much the only reason people wanted account-wide achievements in the first place. I (THE HUMAN BEING) earned these things, it shouldn't matter what character I happened to be playing.

What really rubs salt in the wound is the double standard. You are apparently being completely arbitrary on what is and isn't account-wide. Realm First raid titles are account-wide and frankly they are the only one's that would actually make sense to be character specific.

But back to Battlefield Barrens, you are basically saying that it matters more what character I happen to be playing than the fact that me the person participated in this limited time event.

I mean for the 10 year anniversary will only characters made prior to 2005 be eligible for rewards?
40 Undead Warrior
Make the troll shoes BoA. Or make them some kind of JP cost at the throne of thunder vendor.

I leveled one character to 90 I never intended to get to the level cap so soon on it, but I just didn't have it in my to level the rest of my alts so suddenly. The whole fun of having alts is to level them casually and take my sweet time on them.
14 Blood Elf Mage
You mean like that Ahn'Qiraj event that people did well into WOTLK? yay scarab lord death knight's!
100 Tauren Druid
So the barrens event is going away and the radical mojo is going with it. Fine. So why not make the same gear available via some kind of trading scheme through the Timeless Isle? The barrens event might be tied to this particular time, but the Timeless Isle is timeless, right? So let Griftah's cousin Iybae hang out there selling BB set items he had stockpiled for exorbitant prices.

That way people can at least still complete their sets. Or let the items be cheap knockoffs that just have the look of BB set gear so people can at least complete their transmog sets.
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90 Orc Monk
Lastly, while Ravika has other important duties to attend to once 5.4 goes live, we know that Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes hold a soft spot in many hearts, so we’re currently exploring options to reintroduce them at a later date.

Any chance Griftah is gonna make a few more authentic troll items? We need more invisible stuff.

Also, come on people, we knew before this event even started that it was temporary, and if you missed out on some aspect, you have no one to blame but yourself.
100 Human Death Knight
Lastly, while Ravika has other important duties to attend to once 5.4 goes live, we know that Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes hold a soft spot in many hearts, so we’re currently exploring options to reintroduce them at a later date.

You better.
90 Draenei Priest
I can't believe people are surprised and upset about this.

It's like being outraged that september comes after august.
"don't just take august away from me! this is so unfair. why??? I LIKE august!"

timeless isle will be way better anyway
100 Dwarf Hunter
The title being removed and not account-wide is not cool.

Any chance that a little pug can convince the devs to discuss and then tell us what their intents are with regard to account-wide things? Since it seems to have completely changed since Cataclysm, as one of the original stated intents was to make changing mains more appealing -- and having exclusive titles based on roughly four months of time does not do that.

It's really rather disappointing.
91 Goblin Shaman
08/30/2013 12:05 AMPosted by Mahatma

Thank you for catching this, and my apologies for any confusion. I've edited the post, but yes, the ability to earn the title is being removed once Patch 5.4 goes live.

Could you please explain why the title is not account-wide?

Yeah, I'd love and answer to this as well. Didn't you guys get away from this design because it was so alt-unfriendly? Didn't you make stuff like titles and mounts and pets account-wide because you rightly realized that having all these things on a per character basis made it unattractive for players to ever change their main? So, why the backpedaling? More importantly, is this just some sort of hiccup or is alt-unfriendly going to again be the design philosophy going forward?
99 Draenei Shaman
This is really just silly. I don't like when you guys remove content.

I'm hoping you'll at least make the title account-wide, or somehow obtainable otherwise on other characters. I got it on this toon, my only max level right now, and it really doesn't fit her. There are others I would like to use it on, but they are nowhere near 90, and on another server without BoA's.

I know it's one title in a sea of many so I'm not gonna quit over it or anything; just a little disappointed. :/
100 Worgen Druid
Just a little spoiler...
Yeah, tied to RNG.

As opposed to getting mojo , making it BOA and sending it to alts then infusing the token they already have to make gear.

Timless Isle sounds great...if you weant to go there and come back with gold every day and no gear. Everytime RNG gets involved the potential of walking away with nothing increases.

Now? You can buy the tokens.

Send the alt , do Barrens, get mojo, make gear.

No RNG involved.

It wasnt a bad way at all.

Timeless Isle = LFR = RNG = failbags of gold and no gear week after week. It will be great to hear stories of others who walk away with loads of gear, whilst you sit there empty handed.


Unless there are gauranteed drops and the RNG factor is severely curtailed in the players favour, Timeless will be another "failbag" magnet

Timeless isle is NOT RNG heavy this coming patch, in fact, you'll be able to buy tokens specifically for certain pieces(i.e plate,mail, etc) on any toon for a measly 7500 Timeless Isle Coins which drop like candy in a candy factory... Not to mention the chests around the isle are laden with countless coins and gear! It's not lucky to find a chest, you just need to open your eyes and watch the ground! If you can't find any chests on the ground, guess what, you can kill some of the lesser enemies on the isle and find tokens that way too! Oh and did I mention, Lesser charms of good Fortune drop as well there? If you ABSOLUTELY can not get anything mentioned above for some reason or another, there are timeless coins just laying under dirt, moss, and even in bird's nests on the isle... It's not hard and not as time consuming imo.
Not to be a butt head or anything, but you REALLY need to download the PUBLIC Test realm and try patches out before making statements like you made... You will learn a lot of information about upcoming patches and content. In fact, 90% of the time, the content that makes it to the PTR is released into live. Most of the time, the only thing that usually changes throughout the PTR is the numbers in say... damage of spells. Doesn't always work like that sure... but seriously, check it out.
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90 Draenei Priest
if you guys really want to rewind time so much, you should be mages!

personally i'm astonished there are so many people opting for stagnation instead of wishing the patch would hurry up and drop with all the cool new content coming
100 Night Elf Rogue
I'm confused as hell at the people saying the title is going away. Every blue post I've read has been that the ability to get the title is going away. The title + achievement itself is being made a feat of strength. ... And what's with the make the title account-wide thing? All titles are account wide I thought, you just have to be at level to get them. Like I couldn't use Astral Walker until I hit level 80. I can understand certain titles being gated. But where did this 'it won't be account wide' pop up?
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