No heirloom healer

36 Dwarf Shaman
I've recently switched servers to play with some friends and have no heirlooms. I want to make a healer to level up via dungeons and pvp. Which healer would fare best without heirlooms? Or is it not even going to be worth it? I'm a very casual player, if that means anything.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Any of them really. I didn't have a lot of heirlooms at all when I leveled my paladin until I decided to put some cloth ones on her for the exp boost around level 50 something.

Play the one that sounds like the most fun and/or will have the least gear competition with your friends. :)
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36 Dwarf Shaman
Oh I left out the fact that I am more asking this for the pvp side of it, I enjoy healing and am willing to jump on any class.
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90 Pandaren Priest
Well, starting without heirlooms in PvP is going to be painful no matter which class you pick. Druid or Paladin might be your best bet, due to Druid's high mobility and Pallys having some get out of jail free cards.
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86 Blood Elf Monk
Had a blast with my mistweaver...but I might be a little bias.
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90 Night Elf Hunter
I'd vote Disc Priest. Their damage is quite good at lower levels, and you can mostly Atonement heal your way through dungeons while making the dungeon go faster.
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It's totally doable. Depending on if you are rushing to 90 or just enjoying playing with your friends depends on how well you can do without boas.

When I try new servers with my husband we always take our time. At level 15 we stop our xp and dungeon for blues and then look at wowhead for where the best quests for gear is and do those. During that time we try and make some gold as well, selling greens at ah for transmogs and working on our professions. I personally usually take enchanting and tailoring so we can enchant our gear and tailoring for early gearing (doesn't really matter if u r a clothy early on or not) and for disenchanting all the extras.

If i'm not in a guild or we started our own small one with friends I might take engineering so I have decent head gear early on.

Once geared we turn xp on and bg to next level bracket. Rinse and repeat every 5 levels or so.

We enjoy getting to know a new realm this way and we generally can make a decent amount of pocket change while leveling. By level 30 I usually have honor maxed and have converted to justice and have that maxed as well. You can then start buying boa's or in Dalaran you can buy Wrath gems which depending on the server you can sell for a fair bit, or keep em for when you get brutal gear at 70.

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90 Draenei Priest
I did it with this toon.

First toon I had on Proudmore, rolled this expac. It really is not an issue. Leveled as Holy. Played with Disc when I got Dual. No problem with either.

I got enough gear in the dungeons to keep everyone alive as I leveled.

Now I did have to pay attention and Need on gear I Needed.

Only little hiccup I had was going into cata. I had to do a bit of questing to get some cata gear, ended up buying a couple pieces off the AH because it was quicker.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Pvp is going to be hell without boa... especially at lower lvls. If you don't get discouraged easy, then all of them. It depends more on what type of healer you like to play.

I loved lvling my disc. I would say that you should start out with a disc or pally as stated above, but just realize that you will get hit hard. If you see a rouge with boa... or a hunter I would just run. >.> if the warrior is good, they hit pretty damn hard too. They were always the classes I had the most issues with.
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90 Gnome Priest
This priest was levelled without heirlooms or anything, and I had a blast in BGs. The amount of damage disc can do at low levels is completely absurd, and your survivability is spectacular if you have any PvP healing experience.

edit: Don't let people scare you off because you won't have BoAs, it puts you at a sleight disadvantage, but with dungeon gear and the epic PvP sets you will start getting at 60/70/80/85 you will surely be fine.
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63 Human Paladin
I have no heirlooms on this character and I recently noticed in a Hellfire Ramparts run that when my heals crit, they did more than the tank's maximum HP. Low level numbers are just wacky and you don't need to be that geared to do well (I haven't even managed to find an int helm yet).
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