need major help with heals anything will help

90 Night Elf Druid
hey guys just wondering if I coild get some help with my resto druid like I just hit 90 todayand im just some what lost on like whats the best gear I can have before heroics and then when I start heroics ,also what rep should I grind? just anything u can think of would be great and I would appreciate it :) and ive.looked online.but still haven't foind the right answer but plz comment with some help please and thankyou :) -TNT realm-hyjal and btw in game msging would be better thanks
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100 Tauren Druid
There really isn't a "best gear" list these days, as it is so fast to gear up, it is almost silly. However, here is what I recommend before starting heroics:

- Get glyphs, pronto. For heroics, Regrowth is pretty much a must have in that it makes your flash heal hit for something worth the effort. The other two are fairly variable, but they will help you quite a bit.

- Int and Spirit are king, at least until you are in full blues. Don't worry about haste breakpoints and the like until you are in full dungeon gear.

- Do the Arena of Annihilation scenario as it rewards an iLvl 450 weapon. I believe the staff is decent for a resto druid.

- Get a Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket (iLvl 450) and get the gears for Spirit, Haste, and Mastery. You do no need to be an engineer to use them, and they are relatively cheap on the AH, or you can find an engineer to make one for you.

- The crafted PvP gear is also relatively cheap (iLvl 450 or 458), and is perfectly fine for dungeons. Pieces with spirit are better than those without, but if you are replacing a quest green, the iLvl alone is worth it.

- After doing a few dungeons, use any Justice Points you get on gear to fit the slots that are still green.

That should get you into dungeons, and the drops that will be useful for a druid are, well, pretty obvious. :D Good luck and have fun!
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90 Night Elf Druid
This would be a great place to start;
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100 Tauren Druid
You're already geared "good enough" for heroics (assuming you've stashed some healing-related trinkets away). Yes, you'll probably go OOM ... a lot. Just carry a ton of mana juice around. Even for trash pulls, try to get ahead of the tank, and the second you're out of combat, drink, then get back to healing. That way you stay up on Mana, and your group can keep moving at a decent pace.

At this point, it's pretty likely that most of the folks you'll end up with in LFD will be ToT-level gear. That means the tanks won't take much damage, and the DPS will be burning down everything before it can do much of a hurt.

Certainly take Pipi's advice regarding glyphs.

Consider enchants on any gear that is 450+. Don't bother with the really pricey stuff (e.g. Jade Spirit), but you should be able to get the basic spellthread, and some basic caster enchants for cheap off the AH or from an enchanter who is cranking up their skill to 600.

From there, there are loads of guides for best "pre-Raid" gear lists. However, lots of that info was great in October, but things have changed. With 5.4, the first two tiers of faction gear will be available for Justice Points, and ~500 ilevel gear will be available on the timeless isle
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