The Hammer & Hearth Inn is run by Clan Jade Falcon, a Sentinels-server Guild. As one of the realms that are part of Steamwheedle Cartel's Cross-Realm Zones, the Inn is open to any and all on this realm who are interested in attending.

After more than a year of languishing, Clan Jade Falcon's tavern, The Hammer & Hearth Inn, will be reopening its doors tonight at 5:00 PM (Server Time) under the management of veteran barkeeper, Daelroy Sanders McClane. Now located in the bustling streets of Ironforge's Military District, The Hammer & Hearth Inn has been ensuring the welfare of its patrons for the last three years.

In celebration of our grand re-opening, all food and ale will be free for all (save for some of our more exotic fare). The Inn will be open tonight for as long as we get continued business. After tonight, The Hammer & Hearth Inn will be open every third Monday from 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM (Server Time).