Can a healer not have spirit?

90 Blood Elf Paladin
So my lvl 85 paladin is a healer and I was wondering which is more important, to have an item that is plate but doesn't have spirit, just int and stamina or to have a leather/mail/cloth item with spirit?
Is spirit so important that you can't wear in item without it?
Thanks in advance ;)

If you feel like you need the spirit but the piece you've got doesn't have it, you could consider reforging it to include spirit.
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78 Troll Druid
Glad i found what spirit is, thanks for helping. prideth
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90 Troll Priest
Explains why his hps is terribly low for someone clearing ToT.

Can you explain to me why you say this?
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

She wasn't kidding. He's in her guild, - Except this shows him at just over 7k Spirit. Also, here are their logs for Heroic ToT, including from Heroic Jinrokh all the way to Ra-Den.

Looks like he did just fine with 7k Spirit.

Explains why his hps is terribly low for someone clearing ToT.

It's honestly not low. He's running 90% of the healing of the other healer in raid, and almost double of the one below him. HPS is not DPS. It's both a stat that is relative to the other healers, and one that caps out based on need.

His graphs line up well with the other two healers, and his overheal is not out of line with either healer either.

I'd actually say he is just very efficient, and being more efficient means he doesn't need as much spirit.

From personal experience, I run around 10k spirit, but I'm not as efficient as I can be. If I played a bit more conservatively I could probably drop 1-2k and still be okay. If I were running 18k like yourself, it would just be overkill.
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