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85 Blood Elf Priest
I am main spec Shadow but am probably going Holy for Cata. It's just a lot of fun with the new Chakra stuff. So many tools to make use of.

I have my pet peeves with all the other healing specs:

Disc: I hate having a limited number of AoE abilities.
Resto Druid: I can't stand HoT's (Renew is ok since it's the only one a Priest has)
Resto Shaman: I never did like using totems, so the Shaman class as a whole is kinda a turnoff for me. Plus, I hate just standing and casting. I like mobility.
Holy Paladin: I like them now, but I'll have to wait to try it out at 85 in order to see which one I like better, Hpally or Hpriest.

Basically, Holy Priest just fits everything I like under one umbrella, instant heals, lots of AoE, bubbles (though limited), and very useful cooldowns.
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90 Dwarf Priest
you remember how fun it is to have water fights in the pool during the summer? Where you and your friends just splash water at each other constantly, trying to get the biggest splash?

That is shaman healing
I wish mages didn't have a water elemental, and it was a talent for resto shamans. And that it would be cool and heal people.
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85 Goblin Priest
I always play a healing class in games if I can, I enjoy the role immensely. I chose a priest because in vanilla, it was the most viable healer =P I love my priest now, it grew on me like a fungus.

I do have all the other healers too, and after the priest, I really like my paladin.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Personally my shaman started as little more than a bank alt. as i made my way to the nearest mail box though i found i actually had fun playing. the shaman had a unique feel about it that i hadn't seen with other games. kind of bummed some of the unique-ness is getting spread around now but that's okay. I for some reason really liked the draenei too. so i guess that helped. Oh and of course: William Shattner.

i did eventually lvl the other healers to compare. i still like the shaman best though.
Priests have kind of always been assumed to be healers and i didn't want that. plus something about them made them feel timid compared to some. Not the case of course but i do REALLY like the complexity of the class.

As for pallies. well. healers are a support class. they shouldn't be taking damage. something about wearing plate to heal bugged me. wasn't a fan of not having many aoe's either. though i have yet to try pally healing with the latest patch.

Druids felt like a Swiss army knife to me. so i kind of had this impression i had to be good with all the animal forms regardless of spec and that got a bit intimidating. i must admit i'm still not a fan of putting Tree form on a cd. Raids just aren't the same without a random tree running about all the time.

Ultimately like i said, i had fun on the shaman and it felt balanced for the most part. good amount of Aoe and single target heals.

As a final word: RIP Cleansing Totem. You will be missed. :'(
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90 Night Elf Druid
I chose a druid because I liked changing into different forms. I ended up healing because that was all we were good for in vanilla.

The only thing I dislike is not being able to dispel diseases. Because apparently dispelling diseases is hard. /sigh
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I chose a Paladin because I played a Paladin in AD&D, the one with books and paper no computers.
I was holy from the word go and leveled that way. I still am holy but I have a side job of tank.
I also have a Shaman and Priest that I heal with. I will level a Druid/Worgen as Resto in CATA.
I like healing with the Paladin because you have limited spells to heal with and no HoTs. This challenges your decision making abilities. Who to heal and when. Make a mistake and the tank dies.

My biggest gripe right now is that they took my DI from me. /cry
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81 Blood Elf Priest
I decided to make a priest out of sheer curiousity at first.
She was my very first character to actually sit down and level to 80 w/out playing alts.
(yes yes, i'm an alt freak.)

Lvld with disc, and had a real fear for holy, when it came to healing 5mans later in heroic dungeons ( now that i look back on it, i was so sily). Cause the idea of not having penance was just crazy to me.

But after trying out holy finally in 5mans and getting use to it, it became a fun class to play. I am a designated raid healer, and first raid I ever healed was an icc25. Intimidating: o heck yes. Was I successful? they asked me back again.

So needless to say I fell in love with healing. Before, I didn't really look into exact detail when it came to my gear, but now upon the release of Cata i'm aiming to be the best healer both disc/holy on my server. We shall see what happens :3
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
The main reason I chose the Paladin as my first dip into the horribly traumatizing (kidding, kidding) profession that is healing is because I already had a Paladin in her 60s, and because being simple-ish (beacon -> FoL/HL spam -> Chug pots for mana) as far as healing was concerned is a good thing for a novice.

That being said, I am enjoying the 4.x healing (despite the fact that I am doin'-it-wrong(tm)) it should be better come 85. Worst case scenario, I go play some other game (Diablo, for maximum time eating) 'till 4.2 or so, when heroics are easy again, then get to play the "be 3 patches behind the gear curve" game again.

Also because of pretty plate dresses.
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80 Draenei Shaman
I have played WoW since the release of Burning Crusade and always saw healing as lame and more of "a job for girl gamers." I never actually gave healing serious consideration until WotLK when I was interested in arenas and wanted to be able to play with my friends in arenas. I had a level 70 enhance shammy so when WotLK came out I decided to put my hunter on hold (which was my raiding and PvP main for all of BC) and level my shammy to 80 first. This way, I could spec as resto, and still be able to play arenas with my friends since they were both DPS. While I ended up playing a resto shaman since it was the most convenient healer to play (only healing class I had above level 20) I have to say I really don't reget my choice. I have messed around with the other healing classes, and still stand by my resto sham to this day.

The way I see it, I feel that all the healing specs are fairly even when playing at the basic to mediocre level. However I feel that at the top level of PvP, the shaman has the most potential with proper use of their shocks, totems (grounding, stoneclaw w/ glyph, tremor) purges, and hex. The only other healer I see rivaling a resto sham is a disc priest given that they have the potential to be just as offensive, I just feel that they lack the survivability of a resto sham. One could argue that resto druids and holy paladins can play offensively too, however I don't believe they are on a level with shamans and priests. The main point I am making here is that a resto sham can potentially prevent the damage, or prolong it so that they don't even need to heal via their shocks/totems/hex. Understand that I am strictly focusing on the PvP aspect of the game.

Each healer has there own little niche; Priests are more focused on placing shields/absorbing damage and using HoTs and channeled spells to keep friendly players alive. Resto druids lack the ability to dish out shields, but they excel with their HoTs and single target casted heals. Holy Paladins don't really have any hots, or channeled spells, but focuses more on instant cast heals and minor absorb abilities. Resto shaman seems to be split between HoT's and single target casted heals with unique spells like Earth Shield that can be considered a HoT and a instant heal which is really quite nice.
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90 Night Elf Druid
HoT > All. I'd rather heal the entire raid then focusing on one or two tanks. >_<
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90 Gnome Priest
Honestly, a good portion of the reason I'm a Priest is because Druid healing didn't sound like a style I would be able to work with (and at the time, my group would have died a lot more, considering some of the personalities I played with at the time), and Priest was the only class that had a respectable ranged DPS spec as an option, should I have found healing not to my taste (shamans weren't available, and I had to be an Alliance race).

I have a high level Druid now, and I like her quite a bit. I'm uncertain about my Shaman. I haven't healed on my Pally yet, but I probably ought to finally spec into it now that 4.0 has hit (didn't want to learn habits that would be useless once the change landed).
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83 Orc Shaman
I've never had occasion to regret any of my time as a Resto Shaman. The only thing that I wish was easier to handle without add-ons is totems. I understand them, have add-ons that track them and allow me to switch them on the fly, but it seems like most of them are largely useless. I say useless but what I guess I mean is situational, most totems beyond the standard "always drop" are incredibly niche in their use. Earth Elemental anyone? Still, even after the 4.0.1 changes, I find my Shaman to be very good and very capable of handling the new content coming our way.
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85 Night Elf Druid
I chose a Durid to start with because of the versatility. I thought I would always be Cat dps until dual spec came out and I tried heals. My only regret now is that I waited so long before trying to heal. I'm now starting Priest and Shammy heals to try them out, but theyd have to be pretty bloody good to beat being a Durid.
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90 Goblin Shaman
I wish mages didn't have a water elemental, and it was a talent for resto shamans. And that it would be cool and heal people.

We have a fire ele and a earth ele, wondered why we don't have a water ele for extra heal help or the water ele appears if we die kinda like priest lol

ok, I have three healers - Druid and priest and this shaman. Raided as Holy Priest in BC - loved her and priest is even better than it was before - sooo many tools - 4 heals just for group healing.

Resto druid - hots hots, easy, I raided resto for most of Wrath, but she is retiring actually for now. Just not as fun as my Shaman now and no tree form - meh just not the same.

Just more tools in the toolbox with my shaman and priest. Totems used to turn me off but with the new drop 4 at one time, it's incredibly easy now. Shaman is just so freaking fun, so much colour and eye candy. I like that I don't die so easily like I used to as a priest. Yes, shaman is pretty mobile tho, with riptides and hell it's not hard redropping the totems on the run. WSG - I ran with the flag carrier there and back, constantly on the move, no one could kill me or my flag carrier - \o/ easy win that day.

<3 my shammy she is my main. I made her because I always wanted a shaman since BC, but was more frustrating to level then. I didn't realize how much fun shaman was till I finally leveled one. I love the feeling of walking into a lfd and they all go "yay! a resto shaman!" totally makes my day :D xo
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Every time someone PMs me after a boss fight with "dude you saved me big time" or " i didn't even see that add thanks for the PI or bubble" or "we woulda been #@#*ed without you tonight" it makes me glad i rolled a healer when bc launched and never looked back. NO other class gives that kind of fulfillment, not to mention the sheer uncertainty of it all. You dont know if some mage is going to step in the fire or if the ot is going to miss a taunt but you still have to be prepared for that to happen. Watching over 25 (or 10) people as appose to a bosses health is the reason i heal. I love being there when people need me to be and helping the best i can.

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85 Blood Elf Priest
On a side note im torn between bring my paladin or my priest to 85 1st and making it my main. AHHHHH! my paladin is my long time toon with 100 days played and all of my BC awesome raid fun times. but my priest is so awesome and so versatile....idk what to do!
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90 Goblin Shaman
Here you go Fun Quiz, which warcraft Class are you? You may find the healer role you seek :D

Quiz says I'm a priest and on top of that I did the faction quiz and got Argent Dawn. Descriptions are very accurate for me. Now I wonder if I'm playing the wrong class lol

hehe I love my shammy and priest
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I chose paladin as my first character (Retribution), and eventually duel spec'd to Holy. I found that 5-mans were a cakewalk before and after 4.0.1, and once I got raiding, there's plenty of healing to go around for tanks.

My 2nd choice of healer--currently leveling--is a Discipline priest, and I might like healing with him more than I do as a pally. Healing with him is more about choosing the right spell every time and managing the health of the group, knowing when to shield, and knowing when to throw a legitimate heal.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I originally played a hunter. Dps for me was fun but I definitely hit a plateau with it. In my boredom I leveled a Resto Druid. Healing was so much more exciting, the fight was never the same as RNG and stupid people standing in fire always directly changed what your specific job was doing. But, I didn't like being alliance and I adored Blood Elves. So, I leveled a priest and fell in love =) The healing is so different from every other class. Also tried a shammy but I was quickly bored (this was before 4.0 patch). For me, Discipline is where it is at; between PWS, PoM, FH, PWB, even use your Renew! and the occasional DH, no other class compares.

My regrets, that I didn't originally play priest and that when I finally DID level my priest, I didn't get into PvP with her until the season was practically over =(
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