Self Healing Nerf cont.

90 Human Warrior
Making this topic to pick up the discussion from the old forums, because really the more discussions from there we get going here, the sooner I can close out the old forums and reduce the number of tabs on my browser.
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Nerf SV's self healing, imo.

Spirit Bond is OP, QQ!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Yeah, the LotP change doesn't really make much sense. I'm not sure if this is just lazy coding on the devs part or an oversight. I'm hoping it's an oversight on their part. I'm pretty sure druids weren't having the problems that paladins have, where a group of clowns try to find a way to make spec fill a role it's not intended for (I'm aware that JotB also got toned down because we had too much mana, but I'm pretty sure the mana free finishers and AoW exorcisms were added in to make it less appealing for cheese healing).

I can't really add any more else since I've pretty much said everything worth saying on the old board. I do think we need to see how these changes play out before crying about how they make certain talents useless. It's not like they nerfed something that scales solely with AP, in fact, AP has no bearing on the power of percent based heals. Changes in our health pools change the value of percent based heals, and I can't help but feel that many people are still looking at game through WotLK burst. Health pools are much bigger at 80. The devs are also trying to slow down PvP, so naturally, healing of all types needs to come down with the damage (for example, 4% base health healed is equal to 8% base health healed if your average opponent goes from shaving off 16% of your health per hit to 8% of your health per hit).
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85 Human Warrior
I am sure the self healing will be balanced to what the devs want it to be. However, my concern is that the talents may become undervalued on a "per point spent" basis.

I just hope they don't turn the self healing talents into another Unbridled Wrath and have an absurd amount of points required for a minimal effect.
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80 Blood Elf Death Knight
Ret paladins are next...

On beta my ret paladin can heal a teammate for up to 35k with a 3HP WoG thanks to selfless healer.
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83 Blood Elf Rogue
My 2 cents on self-healing:

1. The warrior nerfs should be reverted. Blood Craze in particular is not even worth taking any more. Alternately, a better solution to give warriors more staying power in PvP might be to give them a reliable way to use victory rush. If VR was changed to be a heal over time, I think this could be a good answer.

2. Recuperate is balanced for combat and assass rogues, but it should be taken off sub's mastery. Energetic Recovery should also be attached to something else (maybe SnD?); it's bad design to balance sub rogues around the assumption that recuperate will be up 100% of the time.
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84 Orc Death Knight
For frost and unholy, self healing is very low compared to the other melee specs. Frost can weave in a Death Strike and still be able to complete their rotation reliably since Obliterate and Death Strike share the same Rune combination, but Unholy cannot use EITHER of its main strikes (Scourge and Festering) if they use Death Strike. Healing for 20% health, but losing out on both main damaging strikes is ridiculous when you look at how the other melee specs heal.
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