Self Healing Nerf cont.

85 Tauren Druid
It needs a buff to it's chance to occur if it's going to heal so little so it's more of a constant regeneration rather than an "occasionally" there buff.

Blood craze that is.
i agree 100%. personally i think the nerf was too severe. instead of making both of them 1/2 as effective, i would have liked to see them both be 3/4ths as effective and see how that works.

i was expecting the lotp nerf for feral's hp regen, the mana regen is totally ridiculous though. with the new model the break even point for feral healing mana wise is approximately 1 heal per minute BEFORE you figure in any use of shifting/cyclone/roots/etc AND assuming you get a lotp proc perfectly every 6 seconds, which is totally impossible in pvp. that is simply absurd. the mana nerf for feral needs to be reverted or we need massive talented spell cost reductions.
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85 Gnome Death Knight
This. Time a thousand.

They should probably turn Necrotic Strike into an Unholy healing ability somehow. But do it in a way that would only benefit Unholy since the other 2 specs can heal with Death Strike to their hearts content without utterly destroying their damage.
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85 Worgen Warrior
HP Regen is for longevity nothing else, stamina is for burst protection and lead way reaction time to make a decision.

HP regen only counters gradual damage it doesn't counter burst or high uptime damage at all, stamina or overall health does. Regen is like mitigation, except doesn't require that you need to take hits to see it work.

I think good self healing is a fair way, to make up for whatever lacks of mitigation methods there may be, not only that but a way of self restoring.

Look at it this way HP and armor normalized, what kind of bonus survival do us warriors have as we traditionally had? Regen is a good concept for melee classes that can't self heal, in a controllable manner. If anything its mitigation that negates if nothing any more than "reflective shield" effects, cheesy methods of slowly being killed and kited and a warning against those CC spammers.

HP regen is not always better than having more hp either, only in the long run on very long fights does it start to be better.
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85 Worgen Warrior
yea whats up with that Hunters in DnD aka Rangers can heal.

I wish we had true rangers in this game, rangers are the typical elven ranger types potent in magic melee and ranged combined. Would make a very good class imo, instead of a one way street class that only has one way of playing.

I always like being a caster for the security of ranged protection, manipulation and healing. I like ranged for that ability to avoid damage. I like melee for "in yo face" combat strategy and being able to juggernaut through things.

Everything else seems to get homogenized besides this, cause non-healer healing seems like it is intended to totally suck now.
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