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How does one report for sticky?

Thumbs down drop down > Report Post > "Other" or "Not Specified" > request sticky
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How does one report for sticky?

Thumbs down drop down > Report Post > "Other" or "Not Specified" > request sticky

We think ;)

Though given the lack of stickies perhaps are method is flawed?
/bump for my unanswered question on the page before this one.

...And for a sticky of course :3
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Ok, to make an extremely long story very short.. from reading through the entire thread and taking a look at armories..

Our stat priority now goes

Agi > Mastery > Haste > Crit > hit/expertise?

I have been trying to do my own calculations using the training dummies.. but with dummies being lvl 85.. it obviously puts hit at a much higher rate as I saw a significant dps drop the lower my hit rate went...

Does this mean that as blizzard stated they are going to scale up raid bosses.. that at some point in the progression hit may actually overcome the other stats as I am seeing with the training dummies now?

No. Haste is a feral's WORST Stat. Stats are *generally like this:

Weapon DPS > Agi > Mastery > Crit > Hit/Exp > Haste.
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No. Haste is a feral's WORST Stat. Stats are *generally like this:

Weapon DPS > Agi > Mastery > Crit > Hit/Exp > Haste.

not sure about 85, but wasn't haste ranking a little better than crit rating in T10 gear before Yawning adjusted mew for the crit damage bug blizzard just fixed?
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Crit is reforged to mastery because with our AGI and crit is so high, that we're at/above the soft cap and have to burn crit off somehow.

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if haste is worse then crit, then why does yawning and most others here, reforge crit into mastery.. wouldn't it make more sense to reforge haste to mastery if this was the case? Or is it they are just reforging their largest stat on the gear to get the most possible mastery?

added to that.. doesnt haste now affect everything.. including energy regen and even GC? I would think that energy regen alone would put haste a good bit up the ladder if its true

You reforge your strongest stat to Mastery to get the most Mastery possible. Not because crit is inferior to haste, but because Mastery is a very, very valuable stat for feral druids.

Yes, haste does affect "everything" including energy regen, but it's such a minimal gain you'd hardly notice it. It should never be prioritized over your other feral stats.

and Edit: why isn't this stickied yet? I see the bear 4.0 thread is...
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confirmed, crit multiplier 2.0. I think a majority of the tests on beta were done with premades (so that they were geared already) and those premades only had the 2.0 multiplier.
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Again Bumping - LF Answer to this Question:

I have a question. I know without a doubt that I will never wait to Rip or Rake for TF to come off CD, Should I, However, hold onto TF to line it up with Rip? Unsure of whether not waiting to use TF for Rip would be a DPS increase or loss. Any verification or Theorycrafting on the matter?

Please quit ignoring it.

I don't know if anyone has responded to this yet ... but idc really. Dude, you're rude. Yawning volunteers his time, he's not an employee.
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Yawning (or anyone good at this stuff),

1. Any chance for a "mew for dummies" thread? Or general sim/spreadsheet pro tips?

2. Can someone articulate the significance of the fact that we are not a gcd class?

3. Yawning = Leafkiller?
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sticky please
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