DPS is as DPS does?

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Don't think of it so much as Divine Storm being made to be more like Fan of Knives. Think of it more along the lines of Divine Storm is being changed back to somewhat like it was originally, except it's exclusive with Crusader Strike so you won't use it single target.
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[quote]But i really would not call FoK on demand aoe for a rogue either, we get 4+-1 Off and than we have to wait for energy regen to kick in before we can spam some more, it gives a nice burst, but after that it falls off.

So being able to cast you AoE 5 times whever you want, assuming you have a full energy bar, isn't AoE on demand? Granted, you can't keep it up like a mage or lock, but I'd still say that's AoE on demand.

hardly call it on demand after that 5th (potentially, depending on energy regen) cast.

WTF are you smoking? After the 5th? So because you can't use it indefinitely, it somehow negates the fact that you have 4 straight attacks of it whenever you fancy?

AoE in cata is supposed to be to burn lots of little things down quickly, or focused aoe. There is no comparison to 4 on demand, to about a 10 second ramp up time to get 1 use off.
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