Shadow Orb changes and suggestions

85 Worgen Priest
With the recent changes to Shadow Orbs on the Beta Shadow Priests have become a little bit more happy with the outlook for this ability. Even so though there are some clunky issues that need to be worked out before it appears on live.

For starters is the ramp up this may cause. What I mean by this is you aren't guaranteed an orb in the early ramp up periods. Because of this uncertainty it could lead to holding back our full rotations more and more just leading to frustration by the player.

The solution being proposed is to allow SW:D backlash to provide us with an orb. We are already going to be using this ability in our rotations due to mana issues at 85. This would guarantee us that orb we need in the early part of our rotation as well as when we need it later in the rotation.

2nd issue with the new Shadow Orbs is the time frame of the buff. Currently it is 15 seconds. That is about two Mind Blasts of time, give or take. That isn't a lot of breathing room for the Shadow Priest. It leads to very tight rotations which will lead to much of it feeling clunky again.

The solution here would be to up the duration from 15 to 30 seconds. The orbs themselves already last 1 min, so having the buff last half that isn't that much to ask for. It would provide the Shadow Priest more breathing room and would insure that we have an orb in order to refresh the Buff.

The 3rd and final problem is Harnessed Shadows. Shadow Orbs don't really do anything till level 80 when you get the Mastery. For low level characters this means one less talent they can spec into as they are leveling as Shadow. That is irritating when you look a leveling players standpoint. Orbs should do something at those levels or this talent needs to offer something for low level character as well as the high level.
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80 Human Priest
Would the SW:D backlash orb generation need an ICD higher than the CD for SW:D itself. Or do you propose that any SW:D use would provide an orb?
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85 Worgen Priest
An ICD wasn't discussed on for it as of yet, but I did link this thread there to open discussion about it here.
Either way the idea is quite popular with everyone there because it gives you a tool to get an Orb on demand when you need it, like when ramping up your dps at the beginning of a fight. At the same time if combined with a longer duration buff it smooths out any kind of clunky nature the buff currently has.
After looking at the statistical math it looked like you had a little over 1% chance to not get an orb by the time the buff wears off, give or take, currently. I would imagine it closer to 2 or 3% in practice. Haste reduces this quite a bit. The longer duration then in this sense would only be for convenience purposes for transition periods. It wouldn't really affect your rotation in any way different or the way the buff is treated in any form as under normal circumstances you will probably have it up constantly.

Discussion for this on the normal forums can be found here: discussion on the matter can be found here:
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85 Human Priest
'Mastery makes you better at whatever you do'
As a few examples
Destro Locks gain flat Fire damage
Affliction gain flat DoT damage
Demo gains flat Metamorph/Demon damage
Disc gains flat Absorb increase.

Then there are some more interesting ones like
Balance gain extra damage on Eclipses
Holy paladins gain bubbles from healing (better than straight up +healing)
Frost does extra damage as if the target was frozen (Fingers of Frost)

Going through all the Mastery Bonuses, Shadow would have to be the most temperamental.
"Use this ability to make 'all these abilities' do more damage"
I guess we are similar to a Boomkins Mastery
"Use 'these abilities' until 'these' abilities proc"

The difference is that boomkins know when their stuff is happening and can balance their DPS around it.

Shadow priests mastery is random and unguided.
"Use 'these' abilites to make 'that' ability make 'these' abilities good damage"
Not to mention that theorycrafting has deemed /cancelaura Shadow Orbs is more effective than casting MindBlast to use the orbs.

Something simple could fix this.
Mastery -> Gives Orbs a Higher damage %
Mastery -> Flat Dot damage

Seeing that Spriest is
~80% Dot damage
~10% MB damage
~10% Other (Sfiend/SWD/ImpDP)

This is without T10 so it more accurate with a cataclysm standpoint.
Does include Mastery in 4.0, so MB is hitting ~80% harder on average. (between 2 and 3 orbs)

So some good value would be
1 Mastery Rating = 1.2% increase in dot damage
1 Mastery Rating = 1.66% Increase orb Damage (stacks 3 Times) 5%

Now with the above Damage breakdowns on a spriest doing ~18k DPS (BiS at 80 minus 4set) and 8 Mastery
18k x 80% = 14.4k Damage x 1.096 = 15.7k
18k x 10% = 1.8k Damage x 1.40(3orbs) = 2.52k
Thats a total of 18.32k Damage
And 10% of 18k (Orginal number) is 1.8

18.32k + 1.8 = 20.12k DPS which is where shadow priests should be without 4set.
Shadow Priests are doing 20k DPS WITH 4set which is very VERY nice for DPS but only JUST puts us inline with every other DPS.

So yes mastery will make us a little OP until cataclysm, but alot of classes have that, being a little overpowered or a litter underpowered.

These numbers give us PERFECT scaling to be competitive DPS with everyone else.

On the topic of Shadow Orbs, we require 3 to maximise our DPS.
Over the 6.5 Second Cooldown on MB we get
2 SWP ticks and 6 MF ticks (No Haste)
8 Sources with a 18% chance = ~ 1 in 5.5 Orbs, which is too low to guarantee MB to get full effectiveness. At the same time i believe that low end gear should not provide a perfect rotation, so there should be some middle ground.

But requiring 5.5x3(orbs) = 16.5 Ticks required and as i said before there is 8 sources in a MB Duration so the 18% chance to proc an orb needs to be buffed a bit.
Endgame at 80 Spriests have ~30% reduced tick time on Dots/MF, keep this in mind...
So lets double the proc chance, this would theoretically give us a perfect chance to generate 3 orbs unless we were unlucky, thats a little op at 36% chance to generate an orb, so lets go back a bit.
25% chance to generate an orb with 8 sources, which brings us to 2 orbs, that good, because if we factor in haste, like i said before, 30% reduced tick time (40% Haste)
Give 30% more sources, its basically 10.5 Sources x 25% = 4 Orbs.

Meaning when Spriests hit BiS Gear that they'll almost guaranteed to gain 3 orbs before MindBlast is to be cast next.
Incase you missed it, 25% chance to grant an orb on SWP or MF would be an ideal number.

Sadly i am banned on the main forums, if someone wishes to post this over there, that would help our cause.
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