MoP Shaman FAQ


90 Draenei Shaman
Updated for 5.4.8.

All information primarily pertains to PvE unless otherwise noted.

Weapon Imbues
- Enhancement: Slow mainhand with Windfury and slow offhand with Flametongue. Fast offhands are not viable as Stormstrike and Lava Lash are instant non-normalized attacks.
- Elemental uses Flametongue and Restoration uses Earthliving.
- Rockbiter is situational and encounter-specific. Frostbrand is PvP-only.

Talent Choices
T15, T30, T45 - Survivability and PvP utility. Personal preference.
T60 - Enhance: Personal Preference, Elemental: Echo of the Elements. Resto: Personal Preference.
T75 - Enhance, Elemental: Ancestral Guidance. Resto: Personal Preference.
T90 - Enhance: Choice between Primal Elementalist or Unleashed Fury. Resto: Unleashed Fury. Elemental: Choice between Unleashed Fury and Elemental Blast.

Glyph of Lightning Shield and Glyph of Healing Storm are survivability choices. Glyph of Feral Spirit is more PvP survivability. Glyph of Chain Lightning and particularly Glyph of Fire Nova are nice for AE. Glyph of Shamanistic Rage is useful in PvP.

Glyph of Chain Lightning is required for AE. Other glyphs are optional. Glyph of Fire Elemental Totem no longer syncs cooldowns, so is personal preference. Glyph of Lightning Shield is nice for survivability. Glyph of Shamanistic Rage is useful in PvP.

Glyph of Riptide impacts performance and is required. Glyph of Chaining is particularly attractive when targets are spread. Other glyphs should be switched out situationally.

Stat Weights
The proper way to determine stat weights is to run simulations using your character's stats. Gearing advice below is intended for new or casual players.

Gearing Enhancement
1) Get 7.5% hit and 7.5% expertise (2550 hit and expertise rating, 2210 hit for Draenei).
2) Hit = Expertise > Agility >> Mastery = Haste > Crit >> Hit (over 7.5%)
3) Gem Agility. (MoP gems provide doubled secondary stats, but Agility is over double Mastery's value.)

Reforging Enhancement
1) Reforge to 7.5% Hit and Expertise.
2) Reforge all your Hit/Expertise (over 7.5%) and Crit to Mastery or Haste

Gearing Elemental
1) Hit, Spirit, or Expertise to 15% spell hit (5100 Hit/Expertise rating or Spirit, 4760 for Draenei).
2) Hit = Expertise = Spirit > Intellect >>> Haste > Mastery > Crit
3) Gem Intellect.

Reforging Elemental
1) Reforge to Spirit, Hit, or Expertise until you reach 15% spell hit.
2) Reforge all Hit/Expertise/Spirit (over 15% spell hit), Crit and Mastery to Haste. In that order.
3) Reforge any remaining excess Hit/Spirit and Crit to Mastery.

Gearing Resto
If you often run out of mana, prioritize Spirit over everything but Intellect.

1) Intellect > Haste (below soft cap) > Mastery > Spirit > Crit > Haste (past cap)
2) Gem Intellect.

Reforging Resto
1) Reforge everything into haste until the soft cap.
2) If the item already has haste or you're at the soft cap, reforge to mastery.
3) If the item already has mastery, reforge to spirit.

The Resto Haste Soft Cap
Restoration has a soft cap at 20% haste. (4250 Haste Rating for non-goblins and 3825 for goblins, assuming 5% raidbuff and the Ancestral Swiftness talent.) This is the point where all HoT spells get one additional tick. Past this point, haste value drops. The second tick comes at roughly 8500 to 9800 haste rating.

How to AE
Spam Chain Lightning. Do not use Flame Shock or Magma Totem. Earthquake is only worthwhile on very large numbers of targets.

1) Flame Shock.
2) Spread the DoT via Lava Lash.
3) Fire Nova on cooldown.
4) Reapply the Flame Shock DoT and spread via Lava Lash when necessary. Remember that Lava Lash only spreads the DoT to four targets per cast, and that it spreads the current duration, not the full duration.
5) Cast Chain Lightning with 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.
6) Use Magma Totem in free GCDs only if enemies are not moving.
7) Unleash Flame works with Flame Shock and Fire Nova. Use it in free GCDs.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Enhancement Simplified Priority
Use the following abilities in order of priority to maximize sustained damage. This priority is simplified to the point where humans can reliably execute it. You should also use your cooldowns (ascendence, trinkets, fire elemental, and wolves) as often as possible.

1) Searing Totem active and in range of your target.
2) Unleash Elements (with the Unleashed Fury talent)
3) Lightning Bolt - With a 5 stack of Maelstrom Weapon. Use Chain Lightning only if >1 target.
4) Stormstrike
5) Lava Lash - Don't worry about Searing Flames stacks. Use on cooldown.
6) Flame Shock - Only use if the DoT is down.
7) Unleash Elements
8) Earth Shock

Unleash Elements
This ability has different effects based upon your equipped weapon imbues. Dualwielding shamans get both. Note that Unleash Flame does not buff Lava Lash damage.

- Unleash Wind (Windfury):
- Unleash Flame (Flametongue):
- Unleash Life (Earthliving):
- Unleash Frost (Frostbrand):
- Unleash Earth (Rockbiter):

Windfury Weapon
- Scales with weapon DPS, attack power, haste, crit, and hit.
- Mitigated by armor and block, avoided by dodge, parry, and miss.
- Has a 5% special attack type melee miss chance.
- The best imbue for enhancement shamans on the main hand.
- The three extra attacks can proc Flurry and weapon on hit effects. They do not consume Flurry charges and don't glance.
- When used offhand, the three extra attacks are affected by the standard offhand 50% damage reduction. The WF proc's attack power bonus is not.

The Windfury Cooldown
After WF procs it cannot proc again on either hand for 3 seconds. No 1H weapon can proc WF twice in a row. This means that WF will proc less than the 20% promised on its tooltip.

- When only one weapon has WF, each hit outside of the cooldown has a 20% chance to proc. This leads to a 11-18% overall proc rate, depending on gear, weapon speed, spec, and luck. Slower is better.
- When both weapons have WF, each hit outside of the cooldown has a 36% chance to proc. This leads to a 11-14% procrate with weapons faster than 2.0s unhasted and a 14-18% procrate with weapons slower than 2.0s unhasted. Slower is better.

Flametongue Weapon
- The best mainhand imbue for elemental shamans and the best offhand for enhancement shamans.
- FT should never be used mainhand by enhance shamans.
- The FT spell damage buff does not stack when dualwielding.

Earthliving Weapon
- Earthliving (EL) is the weapon imbue for restoration shamans.
- The EL effect has a chance to proc on each "jump" of a chain heal.
- The Heal over Time (HoT) effect ticks every second and refreshes itself when it procs frequently. It does not stack.

Frostbrand Weapon
- Scales with spell power, attack power (for Enhance), crit, hit, melee haste.
- Mitigated by spell resist, frost resist, avoided by dodge, parry, and miss.
- Has a normal spell miss chance of 15% against level+3 bosses.
- Crits at 250% damage as elemental with Elemental Fury.
- Procs at 9 procs per minute.
- For Enhance FB scales with attack power, but it scales considerably worse then FT. FB should not be used for its damage. It is situationally useful in PvP only.
- Does not proc Elemental Focus on crits.
- Does not slow bosses. Frostbrand is a PvP-only ability.

Maelstrom Weapon
- Maelstrom Weapon (MW) is a spec-defining talent. A 5-stack Lightning Bolt should always be high priority.
- MW is set to 9 base procs per minute (PPM).
- Note that this is before dualwielding, Windfury, instant attacks, and haste like Flurry or Unleashed Rage. MW procs a lot more than 9 per minute. Due to instant attacks, slow weapons are better than fast.
- MW scales with attack speed. It provides additional MW procs.
- Spells "hard cast" with partial MW stacks do not reset the swing timer. They suspend it.

The Elemental Focus Spec Bonus
- It does not stack to greater than two. Instead it refreshes itself.
- Each Chain Lightning hit has one chance to proc elemental focus.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Searing Totem
- Searing totem is mandatory for single-target damage. It should always be kept up due to its interaction with Searing Flames and Lava Lash (Enhance) and its pure damage (Elemental).

Deep Healing (Resto Mastery)
Deep Healing is a simple function that improves linearly as your target's health drops. It works with every shaman heal.

Point for point, mastery rating is better than haste rating if your target has under 53% health. Haste rating is thus superior to mastery in most situations.

Looking at crit rating casting Chain Heal and Healing Rain, mastery rating wins if your target has under 67% health. On single-target heals, it beats crit rating if your target has under 47% health.

In summary, on single-target heals Crit > Haste > Mastery. On multiple targets, Haste > Mastery > Crit.

Deep Healing Multiplier (DHM) = This is the value on your mastery tooltip. It starts at 20% and each point of Mastery (600 Mastery Rating at 95) adds 3%.

Total Healing = DHM * (Target's Missing Health as a Percentage / 100)

Lets say you have 3500 Mastery Rating and your Healing Wave heals for 15000. Your first target is at 75% health.

20 + ((3500 / 600) * 3) * (25 / 100) = 9.375% additional healing
15000 * 1.09375= 16406 total

Your second target is about to die at 15% health.

20 + ((3500 / 600) * 3) * (85 / 100) = 31.875% additional healing
15000 * 1.31875 = 19781 total

Primal Strike
Primal Strike shares a cooldown with Stormstrike. Once you get Stormstrike at level 26, take Primal Strike off your bars.

Lava Lash
- LL is a standard non-normalized offhand attack that happens to do fire damage. It is affected by the 50% offhand damage penalty just like a normal offhand attack.
- It benefits from the Flametongue Weapon spell damage increase and works just like a normal offhand attack, proccing flametongue, windfury, avalanche, flurry, etc.
- LL completely bypasses armor and is resisted like a fire spell, but uses melee hit. It benefits from debuffs to spell damage taken, like Curse of the Elements.
- LL is very high priority due to its flat damage buff and its interaction with Searing Flames.

Which Totems aren't raid-wide?
- Grounding totem remains group-only.

Bloodlust/Heroism/Time Warp/Ancient Hysteria
- These spells drop the global cooldown to 1s. They stack with raid haste buffs like Windfury Totem and Unholy Aura.

How Haste Works
Haste is not a straight speed reduction. 15% attack speed from Flurry does not make your 2.6s weapon attack at 2.21s; it actually attacks at 2.26s. The same formulas work for melee and spell haste. They are:

Haste multiplier = 1 / ((100 + haste%) / 100)
Hasted weapon speed = unhasted weapon speed * haste multiplier
Flurry haste multiplier = 1 / 1.15 = 0.869

So for flurry simply divide your unhasted speed by 1.15.

Earth Shield
- [BUG] Earth Shield is only affected by the Purification specialization when cast upon yourself. So you lose out on 25% effectiveness.
- The spellpower coefficient is determined when you cast the spell, so you can blow your trinkets and cooldowns for a better earth shield proactively.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Spell Power Coefficients - Healing
Chain Heal - 275.0% (On 4 targets, 68.76% on each "jump")
Earth Shield - 130% (13% per charge)
Earthliving Weapon - 8.3% (per HoT tick)
Greater Healing Wave - 137.7%
Healing Rain - 16.5% (per tick)
Healing Stream Totem - 39.54% (per 2 second tick)
Healing Surge - 113.5%
Healing Wave - 75.6%
Riptide - 33.9% (direct) + 16.0% (per HoT tick)
Unleash Life (Earthliving) - 28.6%

Spell Power Coefficients - Damage
Chain Lightning (unglyphed) - 155.4% (51.8% per target * 3)
Chain Lightning (glyphed) - 233.1% (46.6% per target * 5)
Lava Beam - 348.6% (57.1% + 62.8% + 69.1% + 76.0% + 83.6%)
Earth Shock - 58.1%
Fire Nova - 30.0%
Flame Shock - 44.9% (DD) and 21.0% (per DoT tick)
Flametongue Weapon - Scales with weapon speed from 5% to 15%. Scales with attack power for enhancement.
Frost Shock - 51.0%
Frostbrand Weapon - 10% per proc
Lava Burst - 100.0% base (250.0% with auto-crit, 375% with Flame Shock on the target)
Lightning Bolt - 68.4%
Lightning Shield - 38.8% (per proc)
Magma Totem - 6.7% (per 2s pulse)
Searing Totem - 16.7% (per 1.65s shot)
Unleash Flame (Flametongue) - 42.9%
Unleash Frost (Frostbrand) - 38.6%

Stat Caps at 90
Raiding Hit (Specials) = 7.5% = 2550 Hit Rating (2210 Draenei)
Raiding Hit (Dual-wield Autoattack) = 26.5% = 9010 Hit Rating (8670 Draenei)
Raiding Spell Hit = Capped with 7.5% Hit and 7.5% Expertise
Raiding Expertise = 7.5% = 2550 Expertise Rating
Heroic Hit (Specials) = 6% = 2040 Hit Rating (1700 Draenei)
Heroic Hit (Autoattack) = 25% = 8500 Hit Rating (8160 Draenei)
Heroic Spell Hit = Capped with 6% Hit and 6% Expertise
Heroic Expertise = 6% = 2550 Expertise Rating
Resto Haste Soft Cap = 4250 Haste Rating (3825 Goblin)

Skills, Stats, and Ratings at 90
Note that avoidance stats and resilience have diminishing returns, so the benefit per rating point drops as you stack them.

1 Strength = 1 Attack Power
1 Agility = 2 Attack Power
1 Mastery = 600.0 Mastery rating
1% Hit = 340.0 Hit rating = 1% melee and spell hit
1% Expertise = 340.0 Expertise rating = 1% less parries/dodges and 1% spell hit
1% Spell Hit = 1% Hit, 1% Expertise, or 340.0 Spirit (Elemental/Resto-only)
1% Crit = 600.0 Critical strike rating = 1259.52 Agility (melee) = 2533.66 Intellect (spell)
1% Haste = 425.0 haste rating
1% Dodge = 885.0 Dodge rating = 951.15 agility
1% Parry = 885.0 Parry rating
1% Chance to block = 295.0 Block chance rating
1% PvP Resilience = 310.0 Resilience rating = 1% less damage from players
1% PvP Power = 265.0 = 1% damage and healing to players

Links to other useful guides (Enhance Guide) (Elemental Guide) (Haste Breakpoints) (Resto Guide) (Gistwiki's Elemental Guide) (Chillbro's Enhance Guide)
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90 Draenei Shaman
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76 Orc Shaman
Lots of great information here. Thanks for putting this together.
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80 Troll Shaman
Great info for a newbie shamy.
Thanks a lot.
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90 Tauren Shaman
Thank you! An excellent summary.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Thanks! This is the same as my sticky FAQ from the live forums. I'll be keeping both up to date until the transition to the new forums is complete.

I'd appreciate upvotes, trying to get this one stickied as well. I've been keeping the FAQ up to date every single patch continuously since early 2007.
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80 Troll Shaman
Thanks! This is the same as my sticky FAQ from the live forums. I'll be keeping both up to date until the transition to the new forums is complete.

I'd appreciate upvotes, trying to get this one stickied as well. I've been keeping the FAQ up to date every single patch continuously since early 2007.

Off course!
There you have my upvotes.
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90 Tauren Shaman
About your Major Glyphs:

Enhancement Shaman should seriously consider getting the Ghost Wolf glyph that adds 5% speed to our GW form because, trust me, you WILL use Ghost Wolf in raids (now that it can be used indoors).

Fire Nova is an option, obviously, but I don't think Fire Nova is very important.
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85 Tauren Shaman
For Elemental Glyphs one should use Flametongue Weapon over Flameshock if they have the 4 piece tier 10 bonus. With Lava Surge procs you're casting Lava Burst so often that the duration of Flameshock actually increases over the fight in many cases.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Good points, added.
The periods on lines by themselves are due to a bug in the forums that removes blank lines when editing posts, resulting in a difficult to read wall of text. Incredibly annoying, I hope they fix it soon.
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90 Tauren Shaman
Good points, added.
The periods on lines by themselves are due to a bug in the forums that removes blank lines when editing posts, resulting in a difficult to read wall of text. Incredibly annoying, I hope they fix it soon.

I would say Ghost Wolf is useful for any PvE fight, even in heroics. It's useful for just getting TO the fight, or even between pulls, especially if your tank moves ahead of you.

Maybe should adjust your point to say, "Ghost Wolf glyph is also useful, since you can now use Ghost Wolf indoors."
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90 Draenei Shaman
Well, my feeling is that in heroics, or at least lvl 80 heroics, fire nova would probably be better. But it's really a close judgement call either way, so sure.
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90 Tauren Shaman
Well, my feeling is that in heroics, or at least lvl 80 heroics, fire nova would probably be better. But it's really a close judgement call either way, so sure.

I've never really had a problem with Fire Nova placement really, but I guess in this case it's a matter of preference.
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90 Draenei Shaman
A little simplistic, but very good for new Shamans.

That's the idea. The FAQ is intended to cut back on the "what imbues should I use?" and "what's the hit cap?" kind of questions, improving the level of discussion on the blizz forums. Once you graduate past that stuff and want to push your performance, Rouncer@EJ does a much better job detailing high-level play optimization.
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Liked this, hopefully you get a sticky.
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85 Orc Shaman
Resto haste? Crit and spirit are last priority? Beta-Resto-Shaman has TERRIBLE mana regen. If we go for all haste, we'll be spending 10000g a week on mana pots...
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