Do Absorbs Stack?

99 Troll Shaman
Maybe a newbie question, but I have little experience with absorb healers. I'm pretty certain they do, but it hasn't been something I've paid attention to specifically, and I could not find anything on this topic elsewhere on the web.

If they do stack, which absorb takes damage first? Is it in the order they were cast, reverse order, or divided evenly?

If they do not stack, which absorb stays on target, the first one cast, last one cast, or largest?

It seems only fair that they stack, but it also seems that this could be a pretty broken way of preventing damage. I actually haven't had the pleasure of raiding with both a paladin and disc priest at the same time (10m).
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90 Draenei Shaman
Yes they do stack.

So you can have:

- the pally Mastery shield

- up to 2 PW:S from a Disc priest (if they have DI talented, I believe?)

- DA shields from multiple Disc priests

- SS shields from multiple Disc priests

- PW:B (not properly a shield, but I'm throwing it in there cuz bubbles ;D )

present on one target at any given time.

[edit: I must admit that I can't remember the order of "which shield gets consumed first" etc though I remember hashing through it with Elethia back near the end of Cata when we were doing MoP beta testing with SS. She or someone else with that specific knowledge will undoubtedly be along soon to share it]
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90 Blood Elf Priest
DI doesnt allow you to have 2 shields. it just allows you to recast pws as soon as the first has been used instead of waiting for the weakened soul debuff to fall off.
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90 Night Elf Monk
The smallest one gets used up first. That includes tank things like Sacred Shield and Blood Shield.
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99 Troll Shaman
Thanks all. I think that covers it.
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