Question about ending of The Shattering (spoi

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Couldn't fit the title in the title window so I'll warn now about possible spoilers and whatnot, read at your own risk.

So I just wrapped up the book and I was confused as to who the person or thing was that was breaking into Drek'thar's lodging? Was this clearly answered at any point and I simply missed it or is it currently up to speculation as to whom the culprit is?

Thank you.
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The Alliance battleground group?

Seriously, the book cut off right before Drek said "Dammit, not again."
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The person most likely is a really, really big dragon named Deathwing.

The door is not litterally a door, but a barrier between deepholm and Azeroth. So Drek'thar is "Far seeing" that Deathwing is breaking the Barrier and he is screaming don't let him through.
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Thank you for the explanation. I appreciate it.
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I think Drek'thar was being metaphorical by saying someone is breaking the door down, don't let him in! meaning "Deathwing is breaking out! stop him!"

but that is my 2 coppers.
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What if it was actually Deathwing in Human Form?

Because at the end of the book, The Shattering has actually taken place, I believe.
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I thought it could be Cho'gall.
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My impression is that it's a vision and will happen at some point in the future. What it could be? Could be any number of things really.
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Maybe it's Sargeras, during the "War against the Light and the Darkness" that's supposed to take place on Azeroth.
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No...not yet....but its about to

Yeh it was a metaphor for Deathwing. The Shattering ends right before Deathwing breaks through
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