When to bloom 'shrooms

90 Night Elf Druid
Please know that healing is relatively new to me...I'm still very much learning the role as well as the rdruid class. My question has to to with the timing of Wild Musroom: Bloom. I use 'shrooms a lot (as I know I should), but I'm never quite sure when to bloom for maximum effectiveness. Let me give you an example to show you where I'm second guessing myself. Jin'rokh is 10N, but my team hasnt made it to Megs yet so that refers to LFR.

Jin'rokh and/or Megaera. I plant and charge mushrooms where we'll all stack for Lightning Storm/Rampage They are fully charged and ready to go the second it starts. Do I bloom them imediately? 2 seconds in? At the end of the channel? Intuitively I think the end would be best, but most times either I or my cohealers have popped raid cd's and we're pretty close if not at full health by then. And since its not a HoT, blooming at the beginning seems a waste of a strong heal.

Ji'kun's Quills is another example, but since its a relatively short but huge raid hit, I generally bloom mid cast.

I gotta admit, its really awesome to see my screen full of green text with some really large numbers associated with it. But if I look at Recount (I know, I know) and find that most of that went to overheals, it gets frustrating.
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100 Tauren Druid
With Jin'rokh normal, your co-healers and you should be coordinating your CDs, so that you have a better feel for when to bloom them. Typically, we use the big raid CDs (Devo Aura, Healing Tide, Tranq, etc.) about 4 seconds into the Lightning Storm, to make sure people are topped off before/during the move to spread back out. As such, I boomshroom at about 2 or 3 seconds, depending on how well people are stacked, and how much health they have lost at that point. For Jin'rokh LFR, there is no coordination at all, so I typically ignore 'shrooms for the first Lightning Storm, since everyone and their cousin seems to want to blow their CDs on that one, and use them on the second one when people are at about 40-60% health. Another trick for Shrooms in LFR is to ignore them for Lightning Storms, and plant them immediately after a tank is thrown in the gray pool. Inevitably, a tank will take an extra Static Wounds stack, people will drop to below half health, and I will boomshroom on the stack of people in the pool. With the healing boost from the pool, and the amount of damage to heal, you get REALLY REALLY BIG NUMBERS! And lots of them.

For Ji-Kun normal, I use Shrooms as a big tank emergency heal, not for Quills, as people tend to be all over the place for that one. Stacking on Ji-Kun is generally a bad idea, what with Caw and Feed Young. When a tank is getting wrecked by stacks, I yell at them to stand on Shrooms and basically use them as a Lay On Hands on a 10 sec CD. They do not have to be fully charged to bring a tank from low to full in one boom. I do the same on Durumu to clear Arterial Cut. For Quills, I prefer to alternate between Tranq and Tree, and whatever my co-healer(s)'s CDs may be. Ji-Kun LFR, I am generally on the nest team, because I like flying!

Megaera, just use them on every Rampage when the raid as a whole gets below 60%. If they never drop, Boomshroom early so you have extra time to restack and charge them for the next one. By the last few heads, there will be plenty of damage for them to heal.
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90 Tauren Druid
For raid healing, if there is predictable raid damage, they should be on cooldown. For tank healing, you already know. :)

Mushrooms have been incredibly overpowered all of 5.3. They are our most mana-efficient raid heal, significantly more so than Wild Growth. Use them as often as possible! If they overheal, it only cost you 6k mana anyway.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I tend to use my mushrooms whenever people drop below 50% HP.
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Well with the next patch coming out the mushroom will be more manageable.
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100 Troll Druid
It really depends. On Meg, I tend to use them towards the end of rampage unless people are really low going in then of course that would be the best time. For that fight I have new WM planted before the rampage ends on the other side (heroic though).

Jin Rokh normal you'd want to wait until people are low so you don't get as much OH.

Ji-Kun is more a challenge since most people are spread out on the platform.

Once you get to Iron Qon you'll really enjoy how powerful they can be for the raid.

If you want a cool aura follow directions below.

1: Download/install Weak Auras here


2: Go here to copy & paste string


2: In game type


On the right side at the bottom left-click Import. It will bring up a blank screen. Paste that string you got from above and past it in there. You will see a little box appear make sure to hit IMPORT on that smaller box then hit DONE.

Now, on the left-side you'll see Mushroom Growth 2. Left-click it to highlight it. You can now manually move it in game and set the proper size. When you're happy simply close the Weak Auras options menu.

Set 3 mushrooms. Spam rejuvs around and watch them charge.
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100 Tauren Druid
I generally pop them whenever I knew they will do significant amount of healing. OH is nearly unavoidable, so make sure you at least maximize effective healing.
For me,
25m; Raid <50%~, bloom time.
10m; Raid <30-45%~ bloom.

Shrooms is the one spell that should've been changed to scale based on content. It's stupidly OP/overheal in 10man.
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