Shaman Heals PVP Viablity

83 Orc Shaman
So im not 90 yet but im gradually getting there, one of the reasons i havent focused on this class is because too many complaints about it. There are alot of things i question because im low level and not end game. I have a 90 disc priest, and am leveling this shammy and other healers as well. I mainly like pvp

From my understanding a shaman is suppose to be a multi target healer with good aoe heals, and also good single target heals. His aoe heals (HR and totems) are also heals over times along with riptide, earthliving, and earth shield(sorta). His burst single heal in pvp is healing surge, which is buffed by ES, Mastery ( at lower HP, which i dont have yet), and has a high crit chance with tidal waves buff. He also has alot of cool totems for different situations.

This gives me the image of shammy having a good arsenal of heals (burst, hots, aoe) annd utility (totems). Yet so many people complain about there aoe heals, mastery, and single target heals, and how totems can be killed.

As im leveling my heals seem to be getting weaker(mainly single target), and comapared to my druid and priest, shammy seems slower to react, and im wondering if its, a class issue, bracket issue or a skill issue,

TL;DR My questions:

What is the skill floor and skill cap for shammies compared to the other healers? (doesnt seem easy mode to me)

How viable is it at 90 pvp?( I either die juking or die from lockouts at this level)

Is my image of what a resto shamans is correct?(a well rounded healer)

And how is a shammy suppose to heal in pvp? (what spells do i count on the most and any tips)
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