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66 Troll Druid
Hey im leveling this toon and other healing toons and at the same time will be leveling my professions. Im wondering what are some good profession perks for healers both in pvp and pve. Ive picked up herbalism on this toon and on my priest so I can stack it with the troll racials ( & power infusion for my priest.) Wondering what other solid options do I have as a healer?
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90 Night Elf Monk
Lifeblood is honestly not a great perk, particularly for priests. It only gives you 6% haste or so for its duration. It's mediocre as a caster DPS cooldown. It's better than mining or skinning, and better than an empty profession slot, but not as good as a crafting profession.

All the crafting professions will give you +320 of a stat.
Tailoring: Can choose either intellect or spirit proc for your cape, averaging out to 320 int or 480 spirit
Leatherworking: special bracer enchant (which is really useful since bracer enchants can be expensive)
Blacksmithing: two extra gem slots -- the most flexible option, since you can choose any gem for it
Inscription: special shoulder enchant
Jewelcrafting: special gems give you extra stats
Engineering: can choose a 1 minute cooldown for your gloves
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I like Engineering.

Rocket boots, goblin glider, synapses springs and a ton of other goodies you can play around with in PVE and PVP.

Nothing cooler than using your transport, get a malfunction and turn into a gnome paladin for 1 hour in heroic Firelands gear.
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90 Tauren Druid
Alchemy - Your standard 320 stat bonus (+320 on int flasks, slightly more iirc if you use spirit)
Also, and underrated is it's an extra healthstone in the form of Alchemists Rejuvenation that heals + restores mana.

This is the one profession I recommend above all. Other than that imo, it's all flavor.
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90 Pandaren Priest
I think they are all pretty well balanced, stats wise. I picked Enchanting and tailoring for a few reasons.
Tailoring you use cloth, while pveing around in world and instances you will pick up tons. You can sell or disenchant what you make so it never goes to waste.
Enchanting you can DE gear you replace. It comes in handy while running content you can run whatever, if something drops DE it. For that reason alone I think it extends playability of older content. I found it handy for PvPing as well, if honor builds up I just buy something and DE it. Nothing goes to waste.

(If you pvp a lot Engineering can save your life more times than you can count.)

Edit: If you are a new player with one character, you may want to avoid enchanting. It will do a number on how much gold you will have. Simply because you de stuff you could be selling.
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Stay away from skinning. Bonus crit is the must useless thing in the history of forever.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Alchemy - Your standard 320 stat bonus (+320 on int flasks, slightly more iirc if you use spirit)
Also, and underrated is it's an extra healthstone in the form of Alchemists Rejuvenation that heals + restores mana.

This is the one profession I recommend above all. Other than that imo, it's all flavor.

Alchemy is overlooked too much imo. Not only do you save a ton of gold from double duration flasks, but as Tony mentioned, as a healer popping a mana pot, you end up with a 2nd healthstone, off the gcd, with no sharded healthstone cd. I've literally popped them back to back and healed myself from near death to full at times.
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90 Draenei Priest
As long as you get a useful stat the rest is about what you want to play with. That stat becomes proportionally less valuable as you get better gear.

Just some thoughts on a few professions:

Alch: That double pot Healing/Mana is very nice. I would argue this is the only profession with a noticeable stat extra compared to the others. Alch is also nice because you always have a pot and flask. Especially now that you can farm herbs on your farm.

Herb: Meh, you can farm herbs on your farm. If you have more than 1 max farm you will have more herbs than you can deal with in a day.

On use haste is silly, it is the one stat that is balanced due to break points. Why would I want a big on use of it for healing? I can get a bit more out of it with a DPS as it adds to my burst. You can't heal more than needs healing so you don't need a bigger burst most of the time anyway. If it was static, you could put stats elsewhere and still meet a breakpoint.

JC/Alch: can upgrade their own gems, You can farm the mats on the farm but meh this is tiresome to me.

Tailoring: I love my Royal Satchels. Not something I would buy and I am slowly getting a bunch of them.

Engineering: Fun and adds a counter mechanic to some encounters with those rockets. Lots of fun things about engineering.

Enchanting: This is best for those like me who can't deal with vendoring a raid drop. It hurts letting it go. Getting a crystal or spirit makes it all ok.

Arguably the most effective time to have an enchant is when all you have is junk. I sure would not have paid for enchanting my heroic blues, but I did because it was free.
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90 Draenei Priest
Tailor enchant wins!

Or Herb alchemy doesn't suck honestly.
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90 Tauren Druid
I did enchanting and inscription. BOA staff is nice to have.

For PvP, as a healer, static stats are better. So Blacksmithing, enchanting, inscription, jewel crafting. I don't know if you can use flasks in arena.
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