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08/31/2013 08:57 AMPosted by Alueim
While the tank goes to turn in a quest for the ogre suit, someone pulls. I pull them back to fear without aggoing more and the druid gets mad at me, saying I'm bad. He later dies, gets mad, and just links Quentessential Quintet. He leaves the group right after.

Some of the people I find in pugs are far from my kind of stupid. That even beats my favorite achievement abuse story.

We were doing a 4 member guild run of Cata ZG pugging a dps. I was on my resto shaman. Our tank hadn't tanked in a while so we were going a little slow. The pug starts complaining that the tank isn't going fast enough and we should kick him. We ignore him. Once we get to the panther lady he says we should just pull all the kitties and AoE them down. Keep in mind our tank is still a little rusty.

Pug DPS: *wearing a Champion of the Naaru title* "Do you see my title? Do you know what it means?"
Me: *changes to Hand of A'dal* "Yes, I do. We're pulling one group at a time."

He was silent the rest of the run.
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