No more healers for me

90 Worgen Druid
Ever since the day that I first gave up my hunter to go heals I've known I'd never go back. It was fun - far more interesting than simply DPSing, and it came with a greater responsibility. I'd found my niche, and I don't intend to change it. That being said, I absolutely WILL NOT level another healer. The sole cause of this is the PvP aspect of it. I've been working on leveling a shaman, priest, monk, and paladin for some time. Now, I don't get to play much, but when I play my lowbie heals I get owned in battlegrounds. It isn't a matter of being "bad," or not knowing how to heal. It's a matter of Blizzard having finally given into the wailing masses of DPS who complained about not being able to solo healers. I cannot name a single DPS class that cannot solo me, through HoT's and direct heals right now. And what's worse, any damage that I do to them when I drop to kitty is healed (and passively I might add) through one of their talents, while they continue to hit me for 2/3 of my health pool. Please don't tell me to go play PvE. I am not a PvE player, and I haven't been for a long time. I play PvP because it is better, and it makes me better. So, if you would be so kind, Blizzard, I would appreciate it if you restored my ability as a healer at all levels to take on one or two DPS without dying. After all, I sure as hell can't kill them.
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90 Gnome Priest
Used to be not a problem but they then Upped Battle Fatigue to cope with the Passive Resilience change...but there was one problem....

They upped the Battle Fatigue but did nothing with the Passive Resilience for lower level.

Which means my heals SUCK.

The day after patch on my 79 Resto Druid who had done fantastic up until then (I COULD die by a single DPS if he played good). I logged in and ran to get the flag. A Prot Pally Threw his shield and took half my life. I thought no big deal until I realised my Lifebloom and Reju along with my Swiftmend wasnt doing jack against his damage. I died. Came right back and managed to get out at which point he met me at my tunnel and 2-3 shotted me with 3 stack Bloom, Rejuv and Wild Growth all ticking. Tried a 3rd time and died in his stun with full hots.

havn't played in PVP since then.

Blizz officially doesn't give a rat's jack about low level pvp and they have proved it time and again.
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90 Human Priest
I have played every healing spec in the game. The ONLY time I've had difficulty is at the low to mid levels with a BOA equipped Prot Warrior's shield slam, and even then, I can survive if I time my skills correctly. I don't play in any BOAs either. I know you would like to blame Blizzard, but I really don't think that's the problem here if you aren't surviving a solo attack situation. It may not be easy but it's certainly doable.
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