Healing Gear better than "Tank" gear.

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So I have been leveling a paladin as prot through the dungeon finder and questing as well. The problem that I am having is that when items are dropping in the instances I am in the combat rating on "tank" items are so sub par that they do not make up for the extreme lack of stamina that "tank" items have.

I consider a tank item to be something that has low str compared to stamina ratio, dodge or parry and no intellect or spirit.

I consider healing or caster items to be something that has spirit or intellect on it.

The "healing" items I am seeing drop have anywhere from 40% to 60% more stamina than "tanking" items of similar levels. Since crit cap talented now and the combat ratings on items that arent above ilvl 200 are abysmal anyway, I am finding myself using almost a complete set of healing gear to tank in. The ironic part is that I am constantly getting compliments by healers on how easy I am to heal compared to higher level tanks. I don't know if this is bugged or just a bad conversion of item stats on low level items when blizzard made the 4.0 changes.

Low level "Tank" items need MORE STAMINA and low level "healing" items need LESS.
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It's just a result of a wonky conversion thing. They had to get rid of Defense, Spell Power and ArPen, and excess item points got shuffled into 'non-crucial' stats for everyone (so DPS and healers got more Stam, while non-Druid Tanks got more DPS stats).
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