Combat DPS Rotation

85 Blood Elf Rogue
I kinda wish they would make Revealing Strike built-in.

As in, your Sinister Strike has a x% chance to instantly proc Revealing Strike, dealing 125% weapon damage and increasing the effectiveness of your next finisher by 20%.

They could do something similar with Bandit's Guile as well, your attacks have a x% chance to instantly proc a 5pt Eviscerate. Would be a lot more interesting, and a lot more useful, than BG's current iteration.
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85 Blood Elf Rogue
Everyone hates it, because it is horribly designed, like the entire tree.
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90 Gnome Rogue
I think the tree itself is actually designed decently well. The structure is good, and it has what I feel to be the right amount of filler talent points. There isnt any filler talent that you cant get because youd be forced to forgo dps talents like there are in the other trees, like imp ea or cheat death for example.

The main problem with the tree is that the talents themselves leave something to be desired. While its nice to have alot of available filler, the filler talents themselves feel uninspired from a pve perspective, and of the dps increase talents bandits guile and revealing strike feel more annoying than awesome.

Part of the problem I have with rvs is the terrible new ability queue, which is supposedly being fixed. The opportunities that it actually is a dps increase to use are few, and the few times it is, half of those I seem to already have something queued and I cant overwrite it anymore. Part of that is my fault, but its hard to break 5 years of spam conditioning, and with the amount of energy Im getting atm, esp during ar or when I get alot of lucky potency procs, I feel like im going to cap out if I dont spam.

Bandits guile, I like the theory of it, but it feels to slow to ramp up, it feels to punishing to switch targets, and it feels terrible to drop from 30% back down to 0%, even if I know in the end it all averages out. Provided anything lasts long enough. Its basically a talent thats only there for bosses. Anything else you kill, odds are you might as well not have the talent at all.

Main gauche, hmm, I dont think I can really say anything about it that hasnt already been said. I do sort of wish that if they were going to do something like this that they would have just altered our other talents to just make us want slow/slow. I wouldnt mind it nearly as much if they had done that, tho to be honest I just wish they had gone with our old sword spec instead.
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85 Goblin Rogue
The ability queue is KILLING ME during BL or AR. And after more testing, BG just doesn't feel fun, it feels like work and I can't make it work right now with RvS and the queue problem, let alone trying to balance it around mechanics.

If my dps is balanced around micromanaging this buff, I am concerned because there are too many variables to keep it up, when I'm only doing mediocre dps. If dps is balanced around not making use of it, but you do mediocre dps, then I understand.

Short and sweet: I want to feel like managing these buff timers and atrocious ramp up time will reward me, because currently it does not.
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80 Orc Rogue
I've played combat for awhile, and don't want to change. I enjoy it, but the pace is slow, the CP generation is so slow after playing mutilate or subtlety.

It's exacerbated in PvP, with so many instant slows/snares, getting 5 cp's is tough. This makes RB hard to get to work to its max as well. As it is, you're standing there waiting while you work to get CP's. 5 cps aren't required, but then you have lackluster dmg or cc, outside of recuperate or getting SnD up.

I am holding hope something can be done to increase the CP generation...balance SS and give it 2 CP's, increase the glyph proc chance, just something to give combat a faster pace, make it more fun, than just staring at a damage meter. Now, that's not to say it's not a busy spec, monitoring the likes of SnD, BG, Rupture, trinkets, AR, KS, and the timing of all those.

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