[PvP] Offensive Spells of the Shaman

90 Tauren Druid

That being said, what about questing/soloing/dailes? you CAN, and sometimes HAVE TO, look at healer's dps spells in a vacuum.

dual spec is cheap now, get it.
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85 Goblin Shaman
That being said, what about questing/soloing/dailes? you CAN, and sometimes HAVE TO, look at healer's dps spells in a vacuum.

dual spec is cheap now, get it.

hi, pvp talents called. they want their dual spec back.
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90 Draenei Shaman

dual spec is cheap now, get it.

Unfortunately I ran with dual resto for a lot of wrath (PvE/PvP) and will prolly end up doing so in Cata again. It didn't take THAT long to kill stuff when I just hit 80, and prolly takes ~10 seconds to kill stuff as resto atm (2 shot as ele).

In cata if it takes 60 seconds to kill every mob while finishing twilight highlands or doing dailies, that would suck really bad.
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90 Goblin Warlock
You must have forgotten Wind Shear (great to be annoying the entire match to casters as a pseudo silence), Tremor Totem (complete Fear immunity when placed in a clever place apart from spammable totems) oh and purge Spam against others (because your Earth Shield is barely dispellable if not impossible to dispel).

Wind shear is pretty potent to prevent damage and even offensively because you are disrupting the other team's chance at gaining an advantage. Honestly Blizzard should consider removing Wind Shear from shamans and only giving it to Enhancement Shamans who need an interrupt to kill casters. Also remember Shamans are noted as the most offensive healers in WoW, hmm wonder why?
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85 Orc Shaman
Lava Burst hits like a freight train even in resto. Mine usually hits for 3.5 - 4.5k depending on the target's resilience, which is quite a lot for a healer, especially when you consider the large amount of damage that Flame Shock does considering it's instant. Lightning Bolt doesn't hit as hard, but it's still a very nice and very cheap attack. Telluric Currents is not so great outside of 1v1 (which I do extremely frequently, hence my decision to take the talent), but in 1v1 it's amazing at 80.

Additionally you have Frost Shock and Earth Shock which are your utility shocks. If you want damage, Flame Shock is your choice. If you want to kite an enemy who hasn't yet made it to you, you use Frost Shock. If you want to reduce the damage output of a melee enemy who is already on you, you Earth Shock. Very simple.

Also realize that Searing Totem hits pretty hard now, around 600-800 a tick which is very nice for a healer and as a secondary dot along with Flame Shock.
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85 Orc Warlock
Wind shear.

No other healer has an interrupt.

Different classes are different.
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85 Tauren Druid
Purge and WS not enough? I'm sorry but that might just be the price for having the utility of a 6s CD interupt and an offensive dispel, not to mention hex and various totems (grounding, tremor, etc.)

Also, I think you're overexaggerating the awesomeness of resto druids Wrath. My Wrath hits like a wet noodle. It might be free and 15% of the time it procs an instant Starfire (that also hits like a wet noodle) but it's a joke. I specc'd into the .5s off so it's a 2s cast and it doesn't help much.

My point is... a resto druid doesn't put out much damage either. The only healing spec I've seen or played that put out descent damage is a paladin spamming exorcism with the right talents. That can put out quite a bit of pressure but I don't think they have mana talents, not to mention they lack DoTs or instants (that don't cost them one of their main heals) so they're casts are likely upped in damage to make up for that.
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85 Night Elf Priest
I've never understood why longer cast times were something that was a "punishment" for healers. This isn't the case for priests anymore, but it certainly was in years past. The only rational that I can think of is that dps have to take a hit in the cast time (note this isn't the case for the spell they are most likely to use, the "fast" heal, which is always 1.5) for their healing spells, and I'm not sure I favor that either.

I don't see much issue in making the casting time for all specs of all healing classes the same. I'm not sure why it would hurt pvp. Damage potential for healers is already going to be limited simply by the fact that they don't have the talents to increase it, or only have the bare minimum in the top two tiers...which of course likely has some healing opportunity cost. Healers probably will still have longer cast times on average because they spend some of their item budget on spirit (dps have to spend it on hit, but it has a cap that's pretty low in pvp). Additionally, healer damage probably suffers from hit problems in pvp situations. (again, excluding priests at least in part because of a glyph). Telluric currents could certainly be changed to compensate for a cast time reduction in lightning bolt in the case of shaman.

I think it's mostly a holdover from another time that hasn't been removed.
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Lightning Bolt may have a long cast time and not do all that much damage, but the fact that it restores mana is HUGE. Combine this with water shield and shaman are looking to be very well off in a pvp environment that stresses mana management. You simply cannot allow a shaman to free-cast too many lightning bolts because of the mana advantage they'll generate. I think shaman are pretty well off.
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80 Blood Elf Mage
PvP thread has been added, this will be moved shortly. Btw your wind shear on my Frostbolt sucks, I can only kill you through Deep Freeze, Ice Lance 4x into a Counterspell most of the time.
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