Warlocks, best memory

85 Worgen Warlock
Best memory i'd have to say was first summoning my Felguard while i was lvling. Been fighting along side Flaatom ever since.
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90 Goblin Warlock
when infernals were dangerous. going to goldshire with 2 other locks, all summoning our infernals and completely shutting the place down.
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23 Orc Warlock
My greatest memory was waiting patiently outside the Orgrimmar AH at the mailbox. Every so often I would hop in and get out all the successful auctions, cheering for joy as all the shinies rolled into the bank.

Every once in a while I would kite Gamon around the city and give my Imp a workout; he appreciated that.

My fondest memory is by far standing atop the mailbox and doing "Tha Hamma!" in my skibbies.

I have over 24 hours of playtime on my bank alt, with the last 4 or so being actual leveling!
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85 Orc Warlock
Getting top DPS by pressing one button in TBC.
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85 Undead Warlock
Jandice Barov. All I have to say.
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85 Undead Warlock
Summoning people under water or on the floating islands in nag (when they didn't have a flying mount.) RoD (when it still killed ppl). Soloing elites. Pulling entire zones and coming out with more health and mana than when I started.
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85 Undead Warlock
doing the dreadsteed quest with my friend grumpyfiz as soon as the quest became available back in vanilla, we both worked very hard and got our dread steeds together, at the end we posed next to each other with our mounts and my friend took a screen shot.

sadly months later he died helping a friend, but i still have screen shots and fond memories of him.
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85 Gnome Warlock
My best memory was when i first got my Doomguard summon, I went to Goldshire and was summoning it with some friends, and it one shotted me and proceeded to kill the rest of Goldshire, however his killing spree was short lived.
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Years go, on a different toon and guild, i had this encounter. My best memory was doing MC with a raiding guild (on a different lock) when Demonic Sacrifice talent existed. I had no need of a pet in a 40 man raid so i sacrificed my pet for regeneration. At the time, Demo sucked for a raiding spec and was mainly a PvP/Ganked spec for playing on a PvP server. With good regeneration and improved lifetap, i could nuke more and recover my health without needing healer attention. About an hour into the raid, the raid leader calls out in Vent: "Ok, healers, step it up. We got a warlock third on the healing chart. Step it up!" The raid burst out laughing and wanted to know what warlock (there was three of us) was THIRD on the healing chart. Raid leader posted the chart and they all saw that my toon was third on the healing chart... and im not a healing class and had no pet out to heal. When asked in tells how i did that, i just told them "I know my class" and gave no further details. At a break, the RL asked me how i did it and i explained that this is a raiding guild and i know that Demo locks suck for DPS compared to other locks so this was a way to compensate by making my mana go farther without draining healer mana. He told me that i had shown him that i knew my class and he had no problems with me. Later, when the Warlock class leader in the guild (while raiding with us) requested the DPS chart shown (and i was 31 out of 40), he started to chastise me for my DPS. The RL verbally in vent told him to be quiet and leave me alone. The RL (also GL) had no problems with my DPS but he did have a complaint that there was a rogue behind me in DPS! Either that rogue get his act together or leave the raid. I was smiling all day that day!
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I know it's been said, but getting my Dreadsteed the old fashioned way. I still ride it around with pride and honor.
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85 Dwarf Warlock
My best memory is playing one on an old account back in TBC.. and the best part about the memory is the fact that I can only remember grinding the dailies out with him on the Isle of Quel whatever or another. And thus, I begin anew with this warlock.
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85 Worgen Warlock
My best memory was back in vanilla, there was a hybrid VW sac / siphon life spec that made you pretty much unkillable. Heath regen was off the charts and you could storm around AV like a mini boss for the days they sometimes lasted.
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my best moment was when i got my infernal! oh and voidwalker that was the best memories... and running around northshire
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90 Human Warlock
Best memory(ies)...

Dreadsteed Quest, Doomguard Quest, Fear before DR's, Iron Man, Wrecking Ball and most assuredly, AV in TBC at the choke point to Dun Baldar spamming Seeds and watching the the numbers light up my screen like it was the 4th of July (and watching Horde players drop like flies)!

Although... I'm enjoying making some new memories currently... :p
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80 Orc Warlock
My favorite lock memories are more recent than one would probably guess. My lock is my "main-alt" if that makes sense... the first alt I made, and the alt I play more than the other ones. So nothing special happened leveling up, and I didn't spend a lot of time running instances or pvp'ing with him.

But nowadays, my Conflag sometimes crits for 20K+, which is flippin' insane and totally awesome :D
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90 Human Warlock
I'd have to say fashioning the Gold Bloodrobe (I'm probably listing the incorrect name) from the LV 30 or so Class Quest Chain was very rewarding. I farmed the Robes of Arcana recipe myself, as well as gathering all the materials by hand...felt great to finally put it all together.

I also loved popping Meta for the first time as well, and hearing what my minions say from time to time.
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80 Orc Warlock
Definately the Dreadsteed quest. I had all the items for weeks before I got a group to run DM. The Succy and Infernal quests were both great. I still have my Scythe with Demonslaying enchant (because who doesn't love a big flaming scythe amirite?) in the bank. I still have all the Dreadsteed items in the bank as well... just can't get rid of them!

The DS jumper cables trick was awesome while it lasted.

Finishing fights with full HP and mana thanks to the Void sac and getting "Are you even casting spells?" whispers.

Enslaving the elites in Nagrand and soloing everything!

Handing out healthstones. (Orly? NO!)

When deathcoil went from a 10min CD to a 3min CD.

So many more...
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87 Human Warlock
Rakkas I love your horns.
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90 Orc Warlock
Killing a tree and retadin in arena. My partner was dead.
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