help with lich king fight

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Ok last night was my first night ever in a wotlk raid. Heres the problem.

On the last fight it was my job to off tank the shattering ghouls at a spot away from the group and cleanse the people with the plague.

The people with the plague would run over to me i would cleanse them, then cleanse myself to make sure it jumped to the mob and not me.

I would then die of the plague seconds later.

What the hell.

I cleanse the player and myself why isn't it on the mob? I read this was supposed to be easy.

I know it was my first time there, but I'm the only reason we didn't finish it and were trying again tonight.

I already read the strats and watched video and I cant find a reason why I die even though i cleanse my self right after the player.

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Did the shambling horrors enrage perhaps?
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something helpful would be to get an addon which shows the plague debuff on a player, its possible that the plague jumped to a mob with low hp, then jumped to yourself after you have cleansed yourself
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something helpful would be to get an addon which shows the plague debuff on a player, its possible that the plague jumped to a mob with low hp, then jumped to yourself after you have cleansed yourself

This, I was on cleanse duty my last LK attempt, I saw it jump from the player and didn't look again, it killed a small ghoul and jumped to the tank. I told the group it was my bad, I didn't know it jumped. I was then told that I apparently only dispelled once. Linked and dispelled 6 times XD
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It doesn't help that you have ungemmed and unenchanted items.
That aside it's really nice to have someone other then you cleansing.

Edit: I doubt it will help you much but you might want to think about picking up Judgments of the Just. The attack speed reduction is very nice.
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Get decursive to assist in the cleaning process. As for the plague it jumps from one target to another as you stated, are the ghouls dying? Where are you tanking the ghouls as it relates to the LK? When we took him down, I tanked the Shambling and ghouls just inside consecration range of the LK, away from the rdps and healers.

Having someone else cleanse helps too. and the lock teleport helps a ton too, although with the new raid ui you can place markers to have raid members run to before cleansing them.

Good luck.
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In my guild, we usually found it easiest to have one of our healers on dispel duty. That doesn't mean that those who can dispel themselves shouldn't - certainly they should - but for later on when the dispels become constant it's good to have someone devoted to that task.
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Firstly - the job to dispel should be that of one of the Healers NOT the OT - P1 is a pretty easy on the healers so it shouldn't be an issue for them...

Secondly - the OT's positioning is important - you should be behind and to one side of the LK tank so the shambling horrors get picked up and are kept right behind the LK, between him and the rest of the raid - this lets anyone with the plague run behind the mob to get dispelled and ensures it jumps to a horror... if it is left for too long as you found out - it'll one shot anyone... heh... GL
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First ever WotLK fight and you're on to LK is a bit rough no :P? unless you're an alt with previous experience...
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