Pally,Druid,Priest or Monk.Need ur pro advice

Hi all,

I am a PvPer and am looking for strong class to role in 5.4 arenas and general PVPnig, getting sick of constant changes to locks. As you can see from the title I am tossing up between these four classes .. purely because I want a strong DPS class but also want to have a class with a strong healing spec !

Out of these four classes , what do you think will be the strongest Dps spec and the strongest healing spec in 5.4 and why ? Thanks in advance :)

P.s I am asking for both individual specs and over all class. E.g overall pally dps and healing is good in 5.4. OR disc priest for heals but feral druid for dps. Thank-you :)
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100 Night Elf Priest
Well I'd say priest still. Disc priest can technically out heal 2 vs 1 if played right, also can out heal in 1 vs 1.

Shadow puts out CRAZY BURST, usually can burst some one down in 1 silence = 5 secs, The only thing bad is the Survivability is slim to none especially now with the 15% reduction to damage taken is being removed.

BUT...... with the proper healer and if you burst your enemy down quick enough it shouldn't be much of a issue.
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90 Undead Monk
Disc priests will always be strong. Go disc.
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100 Human Priest
It's funny because I was going to ask the same question before I saw this post.

I had a feeling I already knew the answer though which is why I have been leveling this priest. After playing a resto shaman though 5.1 and 5.2, I realized there wasn't much place for them in competitive PvP. I also watch a lot of twitch when I am not able to play, and I have noticed most of the top teams use either a Priest or Druid depending on the makeup of the group. I wouldn't discount the other healers though. Even a shaman is good in the right hands. Each healer has a somewhat unique rotation.

I would like to close by saying that if you are looking for a truly unique experience, try a MW monk. Fistweaving is my new favorite thing until I get this priest to 90.

No matter what class you pick, I hope you enjoy healing as much as I do.
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